23 Ways To Spot A Sunny Coast Tourist

By Trixie Hillen
24th Jan 2016

So, we’re lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. And unsurprisingly, just about everyone else wants a piece of it.

We get tourists from Sydney and Melbourne, day trippers from Bris-Vegas, and New Zealanders. Lots and lots of New Zealanders.

So what are the dead giveaways that someone is here for a good time not a long time? Read on to find out. What you do next is entirely up to you.

1. They’re impressed by the free beach parking.

2. They’re complaining about the lack of good food, coffee, and/or nightlife (when WE know that they just aren’t going to the right places!)

3. “What’s a biosphere?” (Don’t worry we don’t know either…)

4. They visit Aussie World non-ironically.

5. They’re NOT in Nambour. Like, NEVER.

6. It’s Christmas and they’re on Hastings Street.

7. They think that “the Hinterland” is a synonym for Maleny.

8. They try to make a restaurant booking for 9pm.

9. They’re wearing a suit (well, that means they’re either a tourist or a real estate agent).

10. They’ve come to Noosa Farmers Market without their reusable hemp shopping bags.

11. They’re anxiously driving back and forth along Yandina-Coolum Road, desperately trying to find Spirit House.

12. They’re actually buying the wood carvings at Eumundi markets.

13. The second their plane hits the tarmac, they pull out a fedora from their hand luggage, arrange it artfully it on their head and it doesn’t budge for the whole holiday.

14. They ask where Clive Palmer’s dinosaur park is.

15. It’s Easter and they’re on Hastings Street.

16. They’re wobbling across the water at Cotton Tree on a SUP, terrified they’re going to get eaten by a bull shark.

17. They actually attempt the car park at the Plaza in the pre-Christmas chaos (when we ALL know about the sneaky parking spots near the school. Shhh!)

18. It’s Noosa Tri and they’re on Hastings Street.

19. You can still see the creases on the hand-painted shirt they bought at Eumundi markets this morning.

20. They’re complaining about the humidity. (Ummm, it’s February. In Queensland. Deal with it, or go back to Melbourne, cupcake.)

21. They’re camping at Rainbow Beach wearing boat shoes, a crisp white shirt and a full face of makeup.

22. They’re actually sitting at the outward facing tables at Aromas.

23. They laugh when you refer to a five-minute traffic bottleneck on Nicklin Way as “peak hour”.

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