3 Australia Day Events You Need To Be Part Of At Least Once

By Claire Plush
22nd Jan 2016

It’s heating up and the end of January is drawing near, which can only mean one thing—Australia Day is coming!

Whether you’re up for a low-key day off or are ready to amp up the celebration factor, we’ve got you covered with three things to do on the Sunshine Coast this Australia Day.

If you call the Sunny Coast home and you haven’t been to one of these events yet, make it your January 26 mission, for the laughs, if nothing else. Remember, nobody likes a geezer who’s too cool for old-school events.

Alrighty, here we go:

Sunshine Coast Cup Day

If spending the day at the beach just isn’t an option because you despise sand (hey, we’ve met your type before), then your horoscope for this Australia Day says you had better get your arse down to the track if you want to have any kind of fun. Sounds serious! Thankfully, it’s also Sunshine Coast Cup Day and the turf club in Caloundra is throwing open its gates at 10.30am just for you. Swap the Havaianas for a pair of heels and get those winning vibes a-happening. With an entry fee of just $15, if you don’t go too crazy on the betting side of things, you should be able to make it through this public holiday relatively unscathed. Now, that’d be a first!

Triple J’s Hottest 100 at Noosa Surf Club

If your house party last Australia Day got a little out of hand as the final ten countdown hit the air, and you want to enjoy the music without worrying if the biggest Mark Ronson fan is going to take on Chet’s groupies in your kitchen, then Noosa Surf Club is the safety house for you and your crew. Spend this year’s Australia Day counting down Triple J’s Hottest 100 list to a backdrop of Noosa Main Beach and a foreground of tables lined with beer and prawns. After it’s peaked, a live DJ will be carrying on the good vibes until late.

Dunny Races at Aussie World

Okay, so pulling an old loo and racing against crazy people doing them same, isn’t exactly what pops to mind when you think of Australia Day celebrations. And although you may have ignored the true blue dunny race at Aussie World for years because you’re way too cool to be caught doing THAT, there is $5000 prize money up for grabs, so swallow them pickles and weigh up your options. Will you enter and be richer, or will you steer clear and spend the day going through “what-ifs”? Harden up mate!

Image Credit: Noosa Surf Club

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