25 Things To Do On The Coast When It’s Too Freakin' Hot

By Claire Plush
2nd Feb 2016

Every year the heat whips our tanned butts into a frenzy. What? It’s going to be 40 degrees? Who do they think we are—salmon swimming in the Atlantic?

No-one can think clearly when the temperature clocks over 30 degrees, so we’re helping you out with 25 things to do on the Sunshine Coast when you’re sweaty, grumpy and god-damn tired of the heat.

May the cold be with you…

1. Drink ALL the maxed out milkshakes you possibly can.

2. Head to the movies and chill, literally—the only time it’s totally acceptable to sit inside and watch movies on a sunny day.

3. Do go chasing waterfalls.

4. Lay starfish on your bed and watch the fan spin around and around. And around.

5. Down a beer at one of the best craft beer bars on the Coast.

6. If you’re a bit fancy, then swap the beers for one of these sexy summer cocktails.

7. Hang under the pandanus trees at any of the best beaches on the Coast. Make well-calculated runs from the shade to the water.

8. Forget your thongs, and burn the sh*t out of your feet. You’ll get a skin peel that won’t cost you a cent.

9. Find out where you’re at on the “things to do on the Sunshine Coast before summer is over” list.

10. Go grab a snow cone off old mate at Noosa Main Beach.

11. Hit up the new Sweet Lips Creamery for a frothy spider. Remember how good they were?

12. Nothing beats a super cold acai bowl on a hot morning from one of the Coast’s best cafes.

13. Retire from any extensive use of energy.

14. Train your cat to get you a Frosty Fruit.

15. Take advantage of the natural sauna that is the outdoors, and sweat it out. You don’t gotta pay this time around. Score!

16. Climb the fence and jump into your neighbour’s pool. SURELY, they’d be HAAAAPPY to see you swimming in it when they get home from work.

17. Outsmart your body by telling yourself that it’s cold. This has been known to work.

18. Suck it up and be grateful that it’s not -30 degrees.

19. Dine at one of the Coast’s best restaurants with water views and there’s a chance you’ll catch a breeze with those stunning vistas.

20. Lick your way to coolness with a scoop of gelato from the best gelato bars on the Sunshine Coast. It may only last a whole two minutes before it drips down on your fingers or ends up on the sand—but it was good while it lasted, wasn’t it?

21. Go shopping—inside. Sunshine Plaza, Kawana Shopping World, Noosa Civic, Officeworks, but definitely not Bunnings.

22. Spend wayyy too much time in the frozen section of the supermarket. Do hold the door open for more than 2 minutes. Do not get caught.

23. Buy a remote control helicopter and hover it above your head. Portable fan for the win!

24. Watch “Singapore Tourism Board’s” Hello video. I don’t know what it will do to you specifically, but it might help.

25. Apparently, they drink tea in India to cool down, so do that!

Image Credit: Daniel Hine

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