Think You Know Your Sunshine Coast? These 13 Facts Might Surprise You

By Penny Shipway
4th Mar 2016

OK, so you grew up in Coolum, did nippers at Maroochydore and had grandparents in Noosa.

Now, 30 years later, you’re raising kids in Maleny while working at Kawana, and spending much of your downtime at your fave Caloundra gym.

You try out every new restaurant in Mooloolaba and love nothing more than a Sunday arvo bar hop down Ocean Street; giving tips to tourists seeking hangover fixes at the Big Top. There’s even a “never-fail fishing spots” map stashed in your glove box. We get iiiiiit. You’re a true blue Sunny Coaster.

But if you’re sick of your visitors always saying, “Yep, you’ve already told us that,” then maybe it’s time to get a little bit more intimate with your ‘hood. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Here’s 13 bizarre-o facts you might not know about the Sunshine Coast:

1. The Coast is seriously haunted and there’s even a loyal Facebook following of enthusiasts who gossip about where all the scary stuff resides. Apparently, nurses have reported strange noises coming from the toilets next to Nambour Hospital’s morgue (plop!).

2. On a happier note, newer Sunny Coast residents may have a giggle when they hear there’s a suburb called Bald Knob. Tee hee!

3. Earnest Lane at Sippy Downs takes housing estate sameness to a whole new level with all 21 homes identical, some with just a slight colour-scheme difference. Residents say it’s like having twins: with a little time you soon get to know which home is yours.

4. The Coast was boringly called Near North Coast before it was finally named the Sunshine Coast in 1966 after an eight-year name battle—about bloody time!

5. Nambour is actually becoming trendy with uber cool coffee shops everywhere, and it’s blowing everyone’s freakin’ minds.

6. Australian actress and once Mooloolaba resident Diane Cilento was the envy of millions of drooling girls around the world when she married Sean Connery (AKA Bond, James Bond) and had two love babies with him! The couple had a holiday home on Parkyn Parade, and spent much of their time exploring Mudjimba Island (#lifegoals).

7. Eudlo is an aboriginal word for fresh water eel. Ewww-dlo!

8. Everyone knows Buderim primary is the oldest school around the traps, but ever wondered how they transported the timber up there in order to BUILD the damn thing? By a team of bullocks and a wagon! Nowadays, it’s hard enough getting a 1990s sedan up there.

9. Council members will soon vote to rename the heritage-listed Big Pineapple to become the Big Pina Colada. Members deem the name more appropriate now its famed sundaes (served to every kid in the 70s and 80s) are defunct, claiming the giant fruit has officially been pickled and is more famous for being a place where you watch live music and get drunk once a year. Hear, hear.

10. Speaking of the 80s, you know that giant kangaroo mascot, Matilda, who opened the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane? Known for her famous wink, she first retired to the Gold Coast’s Wet’n'Wild before fuel company Matilda snapped her up in 2011. She now sits comfortably at Kybong Puma petrol station, south of Gympie. Blink (I mean, wink) and you might miss her.

11. Now known as Australia’s own “health mecca”, the Coast has the most yoga, meditation, organic stores and juice-cleanse bars than any other region in the country per capita. This is totally unconfirmed, but absolutely true (#healthfreakcentral).

12. After two swimmers drowned at Kings Beach in 1911, life lines and buoys were kept on the beach so visitors could perform their own rescues. Sorry peeps, no Baywatch beauties in silly caps and DTs to save you back then.

13. Everyone here knows exactly how many minutes it takes them to get to the Sunshine Plaza. This is especially so if you’re a real estate agent.

13. A Mooloolaba ice-creamy is about to claim a Guinness World Record for the largest parfait that ever graced the planet. Just last month, Sweet Lips Creamery stuffed 30-odd litres of ice-cream and custard, and around 12kg of fruit, pavlova, biscuits, and Cherry Ripes into a giant sundae glass, topping it off with 40 cans of whipped cream. Can this puh-lease become an everyday menu item? Seriously though!

Do you have another quirky fact up your sleeve? We want to hear from you!

Image Credit: Ariana Gillrie

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