Um. Guys. Uber Is Delivering Puppies TODAY

By Anna May
25th Feb 2016

We’ve only had Uber on the Sunshine Coast for like a few minutes, and already they’re making our dreams come true.

Basically, today is the best day in the world, because today, Uber will be delivering soft, cuddly, adorable puppies TO YOUR OFFICE in support of Purina’s Pets at Work mission, and local animal shelters. And I don’t even care that I am the most basic girl in the universe right now, because I literally can’t even.

*Deep breath*

Here’s how you get them:

1. Open your Uber app between 12pm and 4pm today.
2. Request the ‘PUPPIES’ option (duh).
3. Wait patiently to find out if the tiny little balls of fluff are available to come make your day for 15 minutes.
4. Be nothing short of thrilled that a $40 snuggle fee will be charged, and Uber and Purina will make a donation to the participating animal shelters.
5. Post a pic to Instagram and #UberPUPPIES because this is the best day of your damn life.
6. Cry when they leave.
7. Adopt one (if you can).

Again, this is absolutely not a drill. Uber Puppies will run from 12-4pm on the Sunshine Coast.

Thumbs at the ready, let’s do this.

Image Credit: Lindsay Attaway 

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