21 Signs You’re Over Being Young

By Sarah Joanna Pope
10th Oct 2017

A whole world to explore and endless possibilities!

If just reading that makes you feel weary in your bones, then you just might be over being young. Is it too cold, warm or simply too dark to go out tonight? Yep, that’s another sign.

And here are 21 more signs you’re over being young.

  1. You stop caring about fashion trends anymore and start caring about ‘breathable’ fabrics.
  2. You pass on a night out because it will just mess up your Bunnings run the next day.
  3. You don’t even bother to learn the new names of bars anymore. You're not ever going to them anyway.
  4. Big nights out are replaced with wine, track pants and baby/cat cuddles.
  5. The sexiest thing a potential partner can be is good with money. Grrr. Shake that sensible ass over here.
  6. You keep saying to your friends ‘let’s have a massive night out’ and just saying it out loud is enough to make you realise that you definitely don’t want to do that at all.
  7. You meet up with friends for walks instead wine. Blah.
  8. You think TV is garbage. GARBAGE! And you’re sure it was much better when you were younger.
  9. Today’s pop music is also garbage. GARBAGE!! And completely peaked in the 90s.
  10. You press the mute button on every TV ad break, which means you’re one step closer to the priority seat on public transport.
  11. You stop using Facebook to stalk exes and instead use it to find out whether Kleenheat or Alinta are offering the best prices on gas.
  12. Your social life is an endless series of board games. Next stop, bridge club.
  13. The only thing you’re interested in is interest rates.
  14. Every time you upgrade to new software at work, a piece of you dies. I just learnt how to use the old one…
  15. All you think about is when you’re going to clean your house and what you’re going to cook for dinner.
  16. Your only ambitions are to fly business class, own nice wine glasses and renovate your kitchen.
  17. You are on an eternal quest to find the world’s comfiest underwear.
  18. Nope, never heard of that band. Please don’t tell me about them.
  19. Nope, I don’t know who that reality TV star is. Please don’t tell me about them.
  20.  Career progression is not quite as tempting as getting home on time. Your couch is calling—will you answer?
  21. Dating is a chore that hopefully leads to not having to date anymore. 

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Image credit: Film Forum

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