8 Alternative Fitness Classes Better Than A Gym Membership

By Alex Topakas
11th Oct 2017


Does the thought of gym memberships make you’re stomach churn? Is the end of winter a sad, sad revelation that you have eaten and slept your way through the entire season and are no better off for it? Have no fear, we are very much in the same boat. Waking up at 5am is an ungodly trial—especially in winter—so who cares that you didn't make good on your promise to forge that summer bod?

Winter is no time to be trimming anything other than a wedge of cheese, but now that the warm weather is well upon us we thought it was probably time to get back into the fitness groove. To give you that all-important kickstart and get you motivated, we've rounded up the best exercise classes in Brisbane for when you really, really couldn't think of anything worse.

Here are 8 alternative Brisbane fitness ideas that turn conventional exercise on its head—no gym membership required:

Beer Yoga At Brat Haus

As strange and as comforting as it does sound, beer yoga is a thing. Yoga is all about union and balance, and what could be more balanced than a refreshing stein of Germany's finest to calm the mind and enrich your savanasana. Brought to us from the team behind Brat Haus, this piping hot deal is just $10 a session, beer inclusive. Please, take our money. Classes will be offered well into October and take place in the Brat Cave every Monday night from 6.30-7.30pm. BYO mat and Indo-Germanic vibes. For more information, click here.

Virtual Reality Cycling

Ever wanted to cycle through the magnificent landscapes of Northern Norway? Same, and if we had the cash money we would totally be doing it right now. But if we can't go to the Scandinavian mountaintops, the next best thing is to bring them to us right? Rumour has it that this will soon be very possible when an indoor Computrainer Centre opens in Brisbane. That's right kids, virtual reality cycling will soon be a thing, and sure beats what you see at the gym. Tour de France, here we come! Stay tuned!

Quidditch At ACU

We’re still pretty heavy-hearted after Potter’s wizarding series came to an end back in 2011. No matter how many times we gather for a HP marathon, it just doesn't feel the same as the first time Emma Watson's brows lit up the screen. Quidditch Australia gets it. They know how hard it is to move on, and this internationally recognised Quidditch league is here to help us abate the furious withdrawals of living in a world where Harry is no longer at Hogwarts. Since its inception, Quidditch has become home to some of the best Quidditch teams since Ravenclaw won the cup, so you're in good company, and what better way to get moving than in hot pursuit of a sneaky snitch? For more information, click here.

Dog Yoga At Hot Tropical Yoga 

This one's a bit of a hike but if anything could motivate you off the couch it's a chance to get bendy with your four-legged cuddle loaf and do the world some good in the process. Coolangatta's Hot Tropical Yoga offers dog yoga or 'Doga' from 9am-10am on Sunday mornings with all class proceeds going to charity. We recommend making a day of it once class is over and taking your pooch for a comb and a splash, after all, spring is practically summer.  For more information, click here

Anti-Gravity Yoga In West End

If defying gravity is you’re thing, then listen up; Anti-Gravity Yoga is here. Operating our of West End, this high-flying feast for your chakras dras on elements of dance, pilates and calisthenics all the while putting less compression on your joints. For more information, click here

Trampolining At Sky Zone

Nothing brings back childhood memories like a sturdy trampoline. Rekindle those memories at Sky Zone's indoor trampoline centre, where you'll be bouncing off the walls, literally. Bring back your youth with backflips, tumbles, twists and turns and shouts of 'Hey mum, watch this!' The best part? It’s even considered exercise (big fat yes). For more information, click here.

Tumbling At Flipside Circus

If you’ve ever wanted to run away and join the circus then we have the perfect option for you: Flipside circus. Based in Alderley, Flipside is the perfect excuse to fly high on the trapeze or master your juggling. Need a better excuse to get moving? We can’t think of one. For more information, click here.

Cutting Shapes At No Lights No Lycra

Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark must have seriously touched a few hearts here in Brisbane, because No Lights No Lycra has come to West End and it's changing the way we think about grooving. As literal as the title suggests, there is no light, no lycra, no teacher, and no steps to learn - just free movement and music to light the way. A perfect way to put those fabulous dance moves to good use. For more information, click here.

Absolutely hate working out? These Brisbane fitness classes are for you.

Image credit: Glow, Netflix

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