The Best Podcasts For When You’re Having A Crap Week

By Sophia Richardson
20th Nov 2017


Crap weeks don’t always have to end in track pants, a trashy TV series and takeaway pad thai. Don’t get us wrong, that sounds delightful, but we have a few quick fixes to help you do a 180 on your shitty week.

This list of podcasts is here to save you from that week you wish would just end already. We’ve got LOLs, food and a whole lot of general feel good vibes coming your way and they’ll have you bouncing down the street like Joseph Gordon-Levitt from that scene in 500 Days of Summer in no time—goals right?

10% Happier with Dan Harris

Dan Harris is kind of a big deal in the mindfulness and meditation world, and his podcast will almost definitely make you more #motivated and happier. He interviews ‘smart people’ who tell all on how they search for greater enlightenment in life. Whip out a pen and paper and start taking notes, people.

Stuff You Should Know

Whether you’re sad, lonely, angry or just feeling a bit bluuurgh, a podcast on giraffes or bonsai tree’s is likely to pop a smile on that face of yours. Get educated and forget about all of your troubles—even that curdled soy latte from Tuesday. Forget it—just focus on the bonsais.

Ctrl Alt Delete

This funky podcast revolves around blogger Emma Gannon who interviews women she admires. We’re already sold TBH but if you need more, we’ll give you more. Each interview focuses on female empowerment and business in a super witty, super chilled way. We’re all over this one.

That’s What He Said

This podcast is pretty much a one way ticket to a good LOL IRL (not sorry). Think two guys sitting down and talking about their week—but in a way that is so damn funny you’ll be that person on the train audibly chuckling to yourself. Worth it.

The Sporkful

Sometimes all you need is a mighty fine distraction to have you leaving your dramas behind you and focusing on something more positive and… well, delicious. The Sporkful is a podcast that’s not just for foodies but for eaters which we’re sure is 100% of everyone ever. Definitely you guys. Episodes chat about all the foods and facts and will inspire the hell out of you (and make you super hungry too). Warning: you’ll probs spend the rest of the night cooking up a storm in your kitchen.

Throwing Shade

If you’re missing your BFF who moved half way across the world—this one’s for you. Listening to Throwing Shade is basically like gaining two new best friends that can’t abandon you. The two hosts chat all things important but in the funniest way possible. Your crappy week will be a thing of the past, alright?


If your crap week is caused by your crap job, then this podcast is calling your name. Each week on Working, regular people are interviewed from all fields and all careers imaginable. And they’re spilling the beans on what gets them out of bed each morning and how they stay pumped for their jobs daily.

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Because Anna Faris is just funny AF, her new podcast is 100% laughs on laughs on laughs. The format of the podcast is kind of all over the place (a bit like your mental state RN) but it is just what you need to boost your mood and make you giggle. 

If all fails, the best flower walks can be found here

Image credit: Anna Faris Is Unqualified

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