Cadbury Delivery Is Officially A Thing And We’re Freaking Out

By Alex Topakas
30th Nov 2017


Chocolate is honestly a god-send for so many reasons. Had a break up? Chocolate. Secret Santa? Chocolate. Happy, sad, angry, bored, life's spectrum of emotions are universally cured by one heavenly food group. You guessed it, chocolate. And loads of it. 

Okay, so everyone loves chocolate (if you don't stop reading now, this is not the place for you), and even with the plethora of food delivery options, getting your fave block of choccie direct to your door has still been out of reach. 

Until now. 

Behold, Australia; CADBURY DELIVERY. Music to our freaking ears! Whether you’re looking for a 'gift' for someone special (read: yourself), stocking up your at-home stash, or just not feeling like going out in your PJ's for a late night servo dash of Top Deck, Cadbury's online hub is a glass and a half full kind of place. You can even purchase chocolate hampers. Oh s**t.

I mean, who really wanted a summer bod, anyway?

To stock up your shopping bag, click here.

Image credit: Cadbury

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