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Guys, A 1KG Doughnut Challenge Is Happening

By Claire Plush
11th Oct 2017

kenilworth bakery

Fancy yourself a bit of sweet tooth? Then count your lucky stars, because a Sunshine Coast bakery has created just the dish and the competition to test how much you really dig the sweet stuff. 

Kenilworth Bakery have upped the doughnut game across the Sunshine Coast, hell, make that Queensland, with the release of their 1kg cream doughnut. And, they’re on the hunt for dessert bellies to come and give it a whirl. 

Setting you back just 20 bucks, you’ll get the choice between filling yours with jam, Nutella or custard. The best bit? If you finish it on your own, in one sitting, you’ll get your $20 back PLUS a plaque on the bakery wall. How’s that for a bit of every-lasting fame?!

Now, before you get ahead of yourself, this ain’t your regular food challenge. It must be said that the average time to eat the whole damn thing is around 1.5 to 2 hours, and of the 50+ people that’ve stepped up to give it a go, only 10 have succeeded. Snap!

Launching into the world less than a week ago, peeps are travelling hours to get their mouth around this giant doughnut. So if you think you can conquer it, then flick Kenilworth Bakery a message on their Facebook page the day before you plan on heading out, so they can reserve one of these sought-after masterpieces just for you. Yep, it’s safe to say these babies have been a sell-out, so driving all the way to Kenilworth and NOT getting to try it, would be sheer disappointment for you, your belly and your mates who’ve travelled all the way to watch you beat or get beaten by this sugary beast.

Good luck, friends. The odds aren’t in your favour, but if you DO demolish it, then make sure you tag us on Instagram (@urbanlist), because if you don’t, did it really even happen?

Image credit: Claire Plush for The Urban List

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