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We’re Totally Crushing On This Cute AF Neighbourhood Bar

By Catherine Blake
28th Oct 2017

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Mosey along Petrie Terrace these days and you'll spot a jaunty little neon of a martini glass raised in cheers. This is the hallmark of Paddington’s latest bar and eatery, Jessie's Girl that’s been shaking up our weekends since opening. I don’t know who Jessie is but she is one lucky lady if she’s rolling with this resplendent character.

A peachy-keen powerhouse of good vibes, new Brisbane bar Jessie's Girl accessorises with native flora and harnesses the bubbling spritz to transform your mood. Probably raised by an Italian grandmother, Jessie’s Girl is all about breaking bread with some dearests and loves nothing more than cooking up a feast for sharing.

But don’t be fooled by the feminine whimsy of her look, because Jessie’s Girl isn’t messing around when it comes to dinner. Case in point, those croquettes. When a dish of these nuggets hits the table you’ll feel like you’ve struck the mother load. The perfectly crisp and crunchy morsels contain tender innards of the most pillowy mash spiked with cheese that will send you reeling. And that’s before we even get to the toasties.

jessie's girl brisbane, best bars brisbane

To fully grasp the majesty of a toastie from Jessie’s Girl I want you to recall the best ever toastie you've ever had and then multiply it by Christmas. That’s how good they are. She’s refined her method to encapsulate everything a toasted sanga should be: crispy on the outer and bursting with luscious fillings (the mushroom toastie with thyme, garlic and Iberico is particularly delicious).

Though she isn’t one for the overwhelming fumes of high-proof, Jessie’s Girl is no teetotaller. Her favourite mixer is Prosecco and she uses it to encrypt the alcoholic content of stuff like limoncello and Lillet Blanc in a bunch of cheeky spritzes that are far too drinkable to stop at just one. This comes in handy during the shared boozy brunches on weekends, where Jessie’s Girl reanimates the masses with lashings of Bloody Marys and signature spritzes, as well as bottomless filter coffee by Coffee Supreme.

Make no mistake, this girl knows how to entertain. 

Image credit: Hayley Williamson for The Urban List

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