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Oreo Double Shot Thick Shakes Are Real—And Giving Us Feels

By Dominique Shields
24th Oct 2017


You (should) know by now that Eat Street Northshore is basically the ultimate foodie haven for all things sweet, savoury and insta-worthy in Brisbane. Since its impressive makeover earlier this year, Eat Street is now home to even more mouth-watering spots including iconic sweet-treat masters, Chocolate Komberry Co.

Apart from being one of the first gods to bless us with Cronuts—did we ever say how grateful we are?—they are known for their epic dessert ‘experiments’—so it’s easy to assume that any of their future creations were always going to be legit ah-mazing…

Enter: Oreo double shot thick shakes. Yes you read that right, and no, we aren’t kidding, and yes you might have heart failure but there’s never been a better excuse. A total eye-gasm for one, this luxe af thickshake separates the white cream flavour from the dark biscuit into partitioned chambers (our OCD thanks you) so you have the choice between sampling one at a time or getting the best of both worlds simultaneously. It’s thick, it’s creamy, tastes JUST like an Oreo and it will have you in tears of happiness now your dessert prayers have been answered.

We’re not sure what’s stronger, our heart palpitations or rumbling stomach, but being a Chocolate Komberry Co. exclusive and only available at Eat Street Northshore, we do know where we’ll see you this weekend.

The Details

What: Oreo double shot thick shakes
Where: Chocolate Komberry Co. at Eat Street Northshore  
When: Every Friday and Saturday night 4pm-10pm, and Sunday 11am-8pm

Image credit: Chocolate Komberry Co.

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