Not A Drill: Twisties Burgers Exist in Brisbane!

By Jessica Pridmore
3rd Nov 2017


If someone went to you, "how can I make a burger taste better?" you’d say something like, "use good cheese, it’s all about the bun, add pickles" etc etc. But what happens when you already make some of the best burgers in Brisbane, but you just can’t help but be a bit of an overachiever? We’re looking at you Fritzenberger!

Apparently, you just add Twisties. Because OF COURSE you do!

Enter, the Twisties Salt Fritzen Burger; Fritzenberger’s famed Byron Hinterland grass-fed beef patty smothered in Twisties salt. As in, completely coated in cheesy chip goodness. Thrown in for good measure is lettuce, tomato plus their secret Fritzensauce in a milk bun for peak freaky burg vibes.

This is not for the faint-hearted, but is totally for anyone who cracks a packet of Twisties and eats the entire packet in one sitting. Don’t judge, we’ve all been there…

This limited edition burg won’t be around for long, so hurry up and get some!

The Details

What: Twisties Salt Fritzen Burger
When: From Saturday 4 November, throughout summer
Where: Fritzenberger, Petrie Terrace

Image credit: Provided, Fritzenberger

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