We Reveal Who Should Be Your BFF Based On Your Star Sign

By Olivia Atkinson
29th Nov 2017

We Reveal Who Should Be Your BFF Based On Your Star Sign

Remember that time we told you why you’re still single according to the stars? Or when we revealed the absolute best and worst love matches based on the day you’re born? Well, we’re back! Uh huh, our astrology-driven relationship nous doesn’t stop there. 

Some of the most important bonds in our lives are the ones with our besties. They get you drunk and let you cry on them whenever you have boy/girl problems, shout you brunch when your bank account is sad, and inject endless doses of wise words into whatever shitty situation you may have in your life. Basically, they’re the best. Oh and they’re one of the only people in the world guaranteed to make you laugh until your insides hurt. Yep...the best. 

Like everything in the astrology world, some sign pairings just work. Although they’re sometimes a quirky match, certain signs go together like a cheesy AF pizza and a crisp beer after a hellish week in the office aka. perfectly. 

Let the BFF hunt begin! Here is the best best friend matches based on your star sign. 
aries best friend

Best BFF Match: Libra 

Your fun-loving, adventurous streak means that you have no problem making friends but keeping them is a whole different story. An ideal Aries BBF match is someone who has the same zest for life as you but with a sprinkling of balance and no-drama-BS to their personality. You value direct and genuine, which is something that Librans can give you. They won’t get too up in your grill and will know exactly how to bring you down to earth when your inner fire starts to spark. Plus, you’ll get up to all sorts of mischief together, which is exactly what BFFs are for, right?!


Best BFF Match: Pisces

Oh loveable, loyal Taurus, you only deserve the best. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you were the one who coined the term ‘BFF’—friendship is that important to you. You’re all about the key foundations of friendship—trust and comms—so you need a bestie who shares those values. And, let us not forget your stubbornness! Some signs might butt heads with that. Get yoself a Pisces BFF. As one of the more peaceful signs, Pisces will give you support and calm you down even when you’re being totally irrational, like you sometimes are. In return, you’ll stick by them forever because you couldn’t imagine life without them in it. 

gemini bff

Best BFF Match: Aquarius 

You’re likely to have a bunch of mates from different walks of life but your BFF has to be someone you click with on a crazy deep soulmate-like level. Aquarians love the infectious, keeps-you-on-your-toes things in life and Geminis are exactly that. Aquarians are fairly independent so don’t get jealous or particularly sensitive to Gemini’s ever-changing moods (thanks to their ‘twin’ dual nature). In fact, they’ll know when to give you space and when to pick you up. You’re both creative, hilarious and intellectual signs, so will challenge each other in all sorts of fun ways. 

cancer bff

Best BFF Match: Sagittarius 

Cancer, you are an excellent friend. EXCELLENT. You’d give anyone the shirt off your back if they needed it so you need a bestie who has your back for a change. Sagis don’t let everyone into their lives but if they do, then you know they’ll always look after you. They’ve got huge hearts just like you so you’ll be an unshakable support team for each other. A Sagittarian will also understand your introverted side and need for downtime but will take you on unforgettable adventures that you’ll remember for yonks. 

leo bff

Best BFF Match: Capricorn

You adore humans and have a tendency to collect them. Not in a creepy way, you just love being around people and their different ways of thinking. You’re a super fun time but can be hard to get to know on a deep level, especially since your social sched is usually chockablock. A Capricorn BFF is a sure-fire thing for you. Their nurturing, selfless side will mesh with your sometimes bossy ways and your equally matched motivation will make for some epic adventures. 

virgo bff

Best BFF Match: Scorpio

Once you find your people, you hold onto them because the sheer thought of having to make new besties makes you want to hibernate. Your BFF is basically another one of your limbs. Friendship isn’t a game to you and you want someone you can rely on—you are a perfectionist, after all. Scorpio has the same stance on friendship as you but will help get you out of your comfort bubble. You’ll have all the LOLS, tell each other the hard truths and stick together through everything, both good and bad. Now that’s what we call a forever friendship. 

libra bff

Best BFF Match: Leo 

Your mates know that you’re level-headed (albeit a tad bossy), have a killer sense of style and love to have a good time. You need a BFF who is on the same buzz as you. A Leo will match your energy but also get behind you whenever life throws challenges your way. Together you’re a force who will have people wanting to third wheel on your amazing friendship! Oh and your night’s out will be EPIC. 

scorpio bff

Best BFF Match: Aquarius 

As a passionate, funny individual, you work best with peeps who share your sense of humour but have minimal risk of bringing you any harm. You’re exceptionally caring but if someone wrongs you, you find it difficult to forgive and forget. To prevent anything going pear shaped, it’s best to seek out a Aquarian BFF. These guys are honest, mysterious and slightly reserved so they’ll keep you on your toes and your bond strong. 

Sagittarius bff

Best BFF Match: Aries 

Charming, thoughtful, bucketloads of fun. It’s no wonder that you hit it off with people easily. Friendship, however, is a whole different ball game. You’re naturally non-committal but once you meet your BFF, you’re in it for the long run. You and your Aries bestie will have the absolute best time, always. You’re matched in energy so will constantly be seeking out new adventures, eliminating any potential boredom from your friendship. 

capricorn bff

Best BFF Match: Virgo 

You’re practical, witty and show your love through your actions rather than your words. As a best mate, you will do almost anything to ease pain or help out and stable, long-lasting friendships are your jam. Your fellow earth sign, Virgo, will share your love for the finer things in life (wine and cheese nights, anyone?) and will support you in everything you do. 

aquarius bff

Best BFF Match: Taurus 

Although they’re pretty private, Aquarians like to keep their friends close. A Taurus BFF will encourage you to live your truth, follow your dreams and grab life by the balls, just as they do. They’ll be in tune with your emotions, knowing when you need a TV binge and takeout or time alone with your thoughts. Better yet, they’ll stick with you through all and any shit storms that cross your path. 

pisces bff

Best BFF Match: Cancer 

You’ve got a lot of love to give, Pisces. The problem is finding the right people to give it to as you can sometimes be taken advantage of. A fellow water sign will do the trick! With a Cancer there will be no fighting for the spotlight, no competition or no nasty business, just pure love and support. It’s a win-win! 

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