20 Things To Do In Melbourne On A Budget

By Ellen Seah
10th Oct 2016


If you’re anything like us, you ate, drank and online shopped your way through winter like there was no tomorrow and now you’re feeling pretty sorry for yourselves, because there actually is a tomorrow and it’s looking bleak savings-wise.

Well, fear not my friends! Your social life is no longer in squalor because—with the help of Bankwest’s handy budgeting tool and savings calculator—we’re bringing you all of the rad things to eat, see, drink and do in Melbourne, even if you’re on a measly little allowance.

Here are 20 things to do in Melbourne on a budget!

  1. Do your grocery shopping at Dandenong Market and buy five Dandee Donuts with the money you’ve saved.
  2. To celebrate Melbourne opening five permanent food truck locations next year, head to your favourite four-wheeled diner!
  3. Buy a packet of every biscuit on our official (very official) ranking of all biscuits worth ranking and create your own list!
  4. Make this chocolate mug cake, because you can’t afford to turn on your oven.
  5. Buy a Golden Gaytime Cornetto. No-one is too broke.
  6. Get two pizzas for $30 every Sunday to Thursday from 5pm-7pm at St Domenico. You’re practically saving money.
  7. Or, gather your crew and head to one of Victoria’s best campsites for camping newbies. You can’t spend money when there’s nothing but bush around.
  8. Sign up for two weeks of unlimited hip hop yoga at Yoga213 for $30 and you'll be down dogging your way through Snoop Dogg in no time.
  9. Get more food for your buck with all the all-you-can-eat venues in Melbourne that don’t suck.
  10. Throw an Oktoberfest party! Complete with dinner.
  11. Get an indoor plant—and keep it alive.
  12. Catch up on the best TV shows you’re not watching.
  13. Just when you thought you couldn’t afford your favourite sugary alcohol—head into Son In law for $8 cocktails from 5.30pm-7pm everyday.
  14. Go window shopping at some of Melbourne’s best gift shops.
  15. Wander around the CBD listening to buskers on a sunny afternoon.
  16. Hit up this city’s crazy collection of op shops for a wardrobe overhaul that won’t hurt your budget.
  17. Get $3 tacos every Tuesday at Beach Burrito Fitzroy.
  18. Make sure you’ve ticked everything off this bucket list of 30 things you have to do in Melbourne before you turn 30.
  19. Curl up with at least one of the books you should be reading.
  20. Load up on the exact amount of froyo you can afford with what’s left in your bank account at YOMG.

Image credit: Griffin Simm @ St. Domenico

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