41 Steps To Becoming A True Melburnian

By Clare Acheson
27th Jun 2016

melbourne skyline

Melbourne has a way of sucking you into its graffiti-covered bowels, churning you around in a sea of fried chicken, barrel-aged beer and matcha lattes, and spitting you back out, a decidedly more discerning foodie with a penchant for dressing entirely in black. Want to know the steps it takes to become a true Melburnian? Read on, preferably while sipping a cold drip and sneering at tourists snapping selfies on Hosier Lane. Pfffft.

#1: Replace 90% of your wardrobe with black. Colour is to be reserved for activewear, and activewear only.

#2: Replace the remaining 10% of your wardrobe with black. Wearing activewear with everyday clothes is now on point, but they should at least match, so all black everything it is.

#3: Buy a vintage Reid bike for cruising around the city.

#4: Buy a Tokyobike because your vintage Reid bike weighs a tonne and requires significantly more effort to ride (but hey, now you have badass cycle courier thighs of steel).

#5: Start caring about coffee—you know the difference between a latte and a flat white.

#6: Start *really* caring about coffee—you’ll have the single origin cold drip with a side of sparkling water, thanks very much.

#7: Start a religion based around coffee—you baptise your caffeinated disciples in vats of civet cat coffee and bless each and every bean before grinding it.

#8: Defect from your coffee religion in favour of the cult of the almighty tumeric latte.

#9: See a laneway. Immediately wander down it in search of the latest bar/café/pop-up barbers.

#10: Tell absolutely everyone you know about your latest laneway find, but in a kind of nonchalant way. “Yeah, it’s just down that laneway… Oh, didn’t you know about it already???”

#11: Develop an acquired taste for pimped avocado.

#12: Spend a weekend trying just about every combo of truffle oil, mint leaf, lemon zest, sriracha, diced sweet pickles, rose gold leaf, bin juice, orphans’ tears and rusty nails with avo.

#13: In the same weekend, declare yourself intolerant to just about everything. Meat. Dairy. Gluten. Sugar. Sulfites. Artificial colourings. Natural colourings. Natural foods. Nature. Life.

#14: Throw a party when your naturopath tells you that you’re not actually intolerant of anything, you just went too hard on the avo combo experimentation.

#15: Get really, really into street food.

#16: Get really, really into queuing for street food.

#17: Get really, really into evaluating the quality of the street food by the length of time spend queuing before you can eat any of it.

#18: Spend more than you would on a week in Bali on a fine dining experience.

#19: Spend less than you would on a day’s public transport on a dumpling feast at Box Hill Market.

#20: Get unreasonably irritated at the Myki system.

#21: Get unreasonably irritated at tourists trying to figure out the Myki system.

#22: Get unreasonably irritated at anarchists having fights with plain-clothes ticket inspectors on the tram about the Myki system.

#23: Found your own creative start-up.

#24: Decide that your creative start-up should give back to the community.

#25: Laugh about the fact that the rest of the world is going nuts for the ‘Melbourne café experience’.

#26: Go to a ‘Melbourne café’ when travelling in South America/Europe/the USA because you missed sourdough So. Goddamn. Much.

#27: Read some epic local literature.

#28: Read some not-so-epic-but-equally-worthy local literature.

#29: Fall in love with the Yarra Valley­—wine and cheese!

#30: Fall in love with Daylesford—spas and cute farms!

#31: Fall in love with the Great Ocean Road—big rocks and beaches!

#32: Fall in love with Mornington—more wine, more beaches, more spas!

#33: Complain about the gentrification of Footscray/Fitzroy/Preston.

#34: Totally want one of those centrally heated, remote locking, spotlessly clean new apartments anyway.

#35: Take part in a protest at the State Library.

#36: Accidentally take part in a protest at the State Library while trying to make your way through the CBD.

#37: Lust after someone else’s dog in one of Melbourne's many beautiful parks.

#38: Contemplate shoving someone else’s dog under one of your many layers of black and running off with it.

#39: Have severe concerns about your mental state after contemplating an actual dognapping.

#40: Declare that, one day, you’ll move to the country and get an army of dogs and never be sad again.   

#41: Rethink #countrylife and declare that actually, you’ll never leave the world’s most liveable city. Melbourne, ‘til you die.

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Image credit: WikiCommons

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