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Are These The Best Waxing Specialists in Melbourne?

By Sophie Colvin
10th Oct 2016

There are a few things we all accept about waxing: It’s not a luxury. It’s not like getting your nails done, and it’s certainly not a treat. It’s just something that has to be done—like a load of washing or having dinner with the in-laws.

So it’s with this no-nonsense approach that Waxed tackles that hairy little situation you’ve got going on.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to waxing salons that make me feel the same sort of guilt I feel at the dentist. No, they don’t question me about my flossing habits, but they do enquire about my skin care regime between visits, and they 100% know I’m lying when I say that I exfoliate AND moisturise. For some weird reason, the possibility of interrogation really stresses me out.

News flash! Waxed GETS that you’re really busy And that moisturising, and exfoliating and whispering to the gods to pray you don’t get gigantic in-growns is not practical, or at the top of your priority list. They GET that you don’t really want to be there. They GET that your appointment really needs to be over and done with as quickly as possible, because, girls and guys, you’ve got places to be.

We’ve done the rounds of Melbourne waxing salons (it’s actually kind of scary to think about how many different people have done our waxes) and so it’s with complete confidence that we can give Waxed a big thumbs up as the very best in the hair-removal biz.

There are five different salons all over Melbourne, but we’ve been frequenting their newest salon, which has opened at the Windsor end of Chapel Street. It’s a zen den of calm but practical touches, with a pinch of humour thrown in for good measure. Seriously, check out the posters, we never knew there were so many waxing puns to be made! The therapists at Waxed are all super professional, nothing phases them and they’re total guns at what they do.

Whether your legs need a bit of a de-fuzz, your lip needs a quick wax or eyebrow’s need a shape, Waxed is there, armed and ready to help.

Our favourite bit? There are TVs in all the rooms so you can catch up on a show and take your mind of the (tiny bit of) pain. 

Image credit: Michelle Jarni For The Urban List 

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