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By Clare Acheson
24th Apr 2015

Beach Burrito Fitzroy
Beach Burrito Fitzroy

It’s a well-known fact that my love for skateboarding (and the folk that do it) knows no bounds, so when I heard about this one, Listers, I was excited to the point of selling a kidney to be one of the first people through the doors. Beach Burrito Fitzroy, in case you haven’t heard (seriously, which rock have you been hiding under?!), is a brand new skatebowl-Melbourne Mexican restaurant that’s popped up on Fitzroy’s Gertrude Street. Yes, you read that correctly. Burritos. Skateboards. Frozen margaritas. HEAVEN.

The Beach Burrito venue itself is something that has to be seen to be believed. The team have managed to create one of the most legitimately cool spaces I’ve been to in a loooong time. From the neon-lit bowl edge to the dining booths, to the protective cage around the bowl area (safety first, folks—the bowl does actually get used for skating comps!) and the vintage skateboarding ads pasted up in the bathrooms, EVERYTHING is perfect. To top it off, there’s a killer sound system too—this place was quite literally made for good times.

And everyone knows that good times need good food, amirite? The menu at Beach Burrito is crammed full of delicious Mexican snacks and meals, including some of the best burritos in Melbourne. Packed full of fresh meat, rice and veggies, the burritos come in a variety of styles—you can even go for a crispy corn burrito bowl if you don’t want a foil-wrapped affair.

As well as traditional beef, pork and chilli con carne flavours, there’s a tonne of tasty burrito combos. If you’re a chipotle fan, you’ll love the chipotle chicken burrito, or if you’re in need of some burrito-spiration go for the Californian—chicken, chips, cheese, tomato sauce and jalapenos, all wrapped up in a sweet parcel of magic. There’s also an epic side dish offering titled, ‘sides of goodness,’ which my stomach can verify is 100% accurate.

As for drinks? Alongside soft drinks, the Fitzroy Mexican restaurant does a killer sangria, Sailor Jerry cocktails and ice-cold Pistonhead beer—perfect for washing down those extra spicy nachos, chilli fries and stuffed, deep-fried jalapenos. The jewel in the bar’s crown is most definitely the mouth-watering frozen margaritas, which come in citrus and watermelon flavours that we could’ve sipped on for days.

Pairing some of Melbourne’s best burritos with skateboarding—a culture based around the awesomeness of having fun, pushing yourself to your limits, and appreciating the good things in life—always had the potential to be a winner. We can say that, without a doubt, the guys behind Beach Burrito Fitzroy have nailed it. This is one Mexican joint we’re going to be back at, time and time again.

Lastly, Listers, I’m not going to lie to you. It’s all well and good to read about a freshly poured concrete skatebowl inside one of the coolest Mexican restaurants in Melbourne, but this article has NOTHING on the true-to-life experience. Go, grab some mates, down some beers and some of the best burritos in town, and get ready to let the good times roll.

Beach Burrito Fitzroy is open now
To find out more about Beach Burrito Fitzroy’s regular skateboarding events, visit their website here or follow their Facebook page.

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Image credit: Simon Shiff for The Urban List

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