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Melbourne’s Top 50 Food Trucks

By Hannah Valmadre - 27 May 2015

All hail Melbourne’s mighty fleet of food trucks, you have served us well. Long gone are the days where a Mr Whippy Van or a truck selling dagwood dogs would simply do, these days our favourite foodie locations are all on the move. Whether it’s an ice cream sandwich, the perfect taco, or a plateful of BBQ meat that melts in your mouth, meet the Melbourne food truck elite.

Afrofeast: Supreme African cuisine can be found at Afrofeast, and it’s sure to get your tastebuds dancing. Try their famous boerewors, a rich, hearty sausage, or split some bunny chow amongst friends, comprising of a hollowed­ out loaf of bread filled with curry.

Beatbox Kitchen: Raph Rashid’s venture has been going strong since he started wheeling and dealing in 2009. Pick up a Raph or a Shroom Burger at your next Meredith, Golden Plains or Boogie Festival and dance until dawn.

Billy van Creamy: Artisan gelato is something we can definitely get down with, especially when it is all-natural and hand made. If their frozen treats weren’t awesome enough, they’ve started to make organic pecan brownies to accompany your favourite scoop.

Bibimbap: After a successful Pozible campaign and a few equally awesome pop-up events at Loop Roof, Courtney Kim’s bibimbap baby is here. Creating your own bibimbap cup is simple; fill with your choice of chicken, beef or tofu, add vegetables, and for sauce there’s chilli or lemon and soy.

Blendco: This one goes out to all the health nuts who like food that’s good for them, fast. Their juice cleanses and superfood blends are nutritious, delicious, and will keep you firing on all cylinders all day long.

Brunswick Backyard: Home to a Hammer & Tong food truck during the winter months, Brunswick Backyard turns out some more decadent fair than the Fitzroy restaurant's standard food truck offering. Go for the chowder—you won't regret it!

Cornutopia: Tacos and sweet corn are the order of the day at Melbourne food truck Cornutopia, whether you’re after huevos rancheros for brekkie or $3 tacos for lunch. They’re locally sourced, free range and organic ingredients, and they provide plenty of options for the vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free among us.

Danger Dogs: Hot diggity dawg, we have found one seriously gourmet snag stand. The Mexicali vibes are strong here—try the Perro Peligroso, a bacon-wrapped hot dog topped with grilled capsicum, onions, guac, pico de gallo and jalapenos.

Digging For Fire BBQ: This fire is out of control awesome, and that’s how we like it. While they serve some smoky meats, there are also plenty of vegetarian options available, and you can have your goods served in a roll or as a salad.

Dos Diablos: This mobile cantina used to be an old CFA canteen truck, and is the vehicle you want rounding the corner when you are having a Mexican food craving crisis. Their tacos are the stand out, but there are also vegan and gluten-free options available.

Dude Food Man: Dude food was made to solve the modern man (and woman’s) hangovers, and this Melbourne food truck does just that. Think double cheese and bacon burgers, pork sliders, fat hand cut chips and garlic aoili. Bliss.

Ghost Kitchen: Serving up Taiwanese street food like you’ve never sampled, this is one friendly ghost you’re going to want to get to know. Sample some Taiwanese sausage with black pepper sauce STAT.

Gogi: The Hammer & Tong Crew are at it again and this time they’re serving up Korean fare. Korean chicken ribs and beef bulgogi burgers comminatcha!

Grub Food Van: The 1965 airstream van parked in Fitzroy is where to go for local fare. So local in fact, that the menu features produce grown from their greenhouse on site. Open for breakfast lunch and dinner, anytime is a good time for some Grub. Staying put at Moor Street, this is Melbourne’s best food truck when you can’t be bothered doing any chasing.

GrumbleTumms: Did you know that we’re the only country that eats the animals on our national emblem? We know we’re curious as to what a croc burger or an emu and mushroom pie tastes like, and here’s your chance to sample the goods. It doesn’t get more Australian than that.

Gumbo Kitchen: New Orleans tucker is in high demands all over Melbourne these days, and this is where we go for the gumbo of our dreams. Tuck into a Po’ Boy consisting of white crusty roll, filled with fried shrimp and spicy mayo.

Hammer & Tong: Oh my days, Hammer & Tong have dominated the Melbourne food truck scene since they opened up their venture to the road and for a damn good reason; they’re simply incredible. Their soft shell crab burger is our go-to, filled with sriracha mayo, black sesame slaw and coriander.

Happy Camper Pizza: Pizza served out of a 1960s airstream trailer sounds pretty groovy to us, as do fresh toppings such as fig and prosciutto. They even serve a breakfast pizza, which is worth being the early bird for.

Korean Fried Chicken Truck: Now this is our kind of KFC. Whether you want it in a burger or served as some crispy wings, this Melbourne food truck slings some fingerlickin’ good chicken.

La Revolucion: Embrace Latino flavours and be part of La Revolucion! There is everything from gourmet dogs to churrasco steaks to tacos and sliders here, so whatever you’re wanting, they’re selling.

Lil Nom Noms: Banh Bao, Banh Mi, Bun Cha, bring it on. We particularly like the look of the banh mi sliders with crispy fried chicken, Viet slaw, pickled carrot, pate, mayo and chilli. Om nom nom indeed.

Lucky Pops: Icy delights are the specialty here, and they’re not your average lemonade popsicles. Flavours include everything from strawberry balsamic with cracked pepper to avocado and lime.

Mamma Van: You know how they say Mum knows best? Well, this Mamma certainly does. Slow cooked lamb, pulled pork, braised beef brisket and popcorn chicken sliders are just a few of the tricks up her sleeve.

Massive Wieners: The lads at Massive Wieners pride themselves on having the biggest… everything, and the same goes for their hot dog food truck, or should we say food bus. You can eat in it or on it.

Meltdown: GrumbleTumms latest venture is set to be super cheesy, just how we like it. Kicking off in August, these guys will be dishing up cheese-dripping toasties, cauliflower and cream cheese soup, and chilli cheese fries. Drool.

Mr Burger: These Melbourne burger experts, who are often located on the edge of Edinburgh Gardens, have saved our skins more than once after a day lounging in the park or after a game of competitive lawn bowls down the road. If you’re after a smaller snack, go for their trucker chips, covered in bacon, cheese and special sauce.

Mutter Krause: For us, German sausage is the stuff of dreams—filling, juicy and downright delicious. Bratwurst, Currywurst or cheese Kransky are all on the menu here, so do your vurst.

My Two Mums: We would like to give the inventor of the ice cream sandwich a medal, and we’d like to give My Two Mums the biggest trophy we can find for their amazing creations. We’re particularly thankful for their ginger, rock salt caramel and choc chip sandwich.

Nem N' Nem: This Vietnamese hawker kitchen is a regular food truck at Yarraville Gardens, so if you’re after some beef in betel leaves, look no further. Their mini banh mi sliders are perfection, as are their Vietnamese tacos.

Nuoc Mama's: Another ripper Vietnamese food truck, we're addicted to Nuoc Mama's Banh Mi and kimchi fries. Nom!

Overdosa: A festival favourite, Overdosa’s Indian snack foods are a brilliant pit stop between dancing sessions. Watching the friendly staff make the dosa is almost as good as eating them. Almost.

Pappa Pita: Greek treats both sweet and savoury are on the agenda here, and we’re never one to turn down a feast. Start with a skewer full of roast meat, end with a tub of loukoumades (Greek donuts).

Pressed Juices: Melbourne’s cold pressed juice mavericks are on the road again to put some pep in your step. They’re always on the move, keep an eye on their Instagram for location updates.

Round the Way Bagels: New York style street food with traditional boiled bagels? Yes please. The essential Reuben or Salmon Bagels are unbeatable, or try the ‘Chan Chan’ Bagel burger filled with chicken breast marinated in spiced Cuban rum.

Rue De Creperie: Whether it’s a sweet or savoury galette you’re after, Rue de Creperie has got you sorted. Their toppings list is beyond plentiful, but we can’t go past the Wicked Snickers, with bits of snickers, a healthy drizzle of Nutella and a scoop of ice cream.

Senor BBQ: Argentinian charcoal grill BBQ. Have we got your attention yet? If that wasn’t enough, the taste of their chorizo or asado (beef ribs) will.

Sliders on Tyres: If there is a better street food than sliders, we’ll eat our hat. Instead we’ll have one of The Fisherman, with fried tender calamari, crisp lettuce and lemon mayo.   

Smokin’ Barrys: It’s all about the slow cooked Aussie BBQ here, with the tagline ‘you don’t need teeth to eat our meat’. Ribs? Check. Pulled pork? Check. Brisket? Double check. Two thumbs up.

Soul Kitchen: This woodfired pizza truck is where to go for some Italian pizza pie. Usually found in their permanent location outside of the Arts Centre, they’re also likely to hit the road if the masses require a mean margherita.

Souvlaki Cart: This is no late night souva stop, this Greek food truck is the real deal. Marinated tender fillets of lamb, chicken or haloumi are served with the freshest of salad fillings, topped with homemade tzaziki.

Taco Truck: Another one of Mr Rashid’s fine creations and one of Melbourne’s best food trucks, Taco Truck is where it’s at for some quick and tasty Mexican. Choose from their soft shell tacos with a side of torts (tortilla chips) and add a healthy slather of hot sauce and you’ve got it made.

The Brûlée Cart: I mean really, what more do we need to say? Just the thought of a truckful of crème brulee would have any sane human being drooling at the drop of a hat. Lavender and honey has us hooked, but the salted caramel is also certainly worth pursuing.

The Curry Truck: While their curries are safe as houses, for something a little outside of the box give their Chicken Roti Taco a go, filled with slow cooked chicken in onion, tomato, spices, served on roti, rice and mango chutney. Wash it all down with a mango lassi for perfection.

The Little Mushroom Co: Vegetarians, this Melbourne food truck is all for you! Nab a mushroom or haloumi burger from their solar-powered truck today.

The Snag Society: Gourmet snags from all over the globe = our kind of sausage stall. While we’re all about the international flavours, we can’t seem to skip The Aussie, a beef snag topped with sweet beetroot relish, creamy goats cheese and pickles on a soft brioche bun.

TOASTA: Who doesn’t love a toasted sandwich? You might be a purist cheese-only toastie fiend, or you might be after something a little more adventurous with brisket, cheddar, dill pickle and BBQ sauce. Whatever you’re poison, TOASTA has put it between two slices.

Trailer Made: If you want restaurant-quality food made from seasonal produce, this is the food truck for you. Inspired by trekking around Europe and the Middle East, the fare here is vegan, vego, coeliac and carnivore-friendly.

WaffleWorks: Those in need of a sweet-tooth sugar fix needn’t look further then the WaffleWorks food truck. Starting at $5 for some Belgian waffle goodness, it’s a steal.

White Guy Cooks Thai: We’ve got all the time in the world for Asian street food, and this white guy can certainly cook with the best of them. It’s not only Thai food on the menu here, try some gyoza or Korean Fried Chicken to mix it up.

Yogurddiction: Got a Fro-Yo craving? Yogurddiction has what you need. Their fat-free servings come in three main flavours with over 25 toppings to choose from.

Image Credit: Hammer & Tong - Michelle Jarni for The Urban List

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Food Trucks

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