We Checked Out Armadale’s New High End Streetwear Store

By Amber De Luca-Tao
7th Feb 2019


Everything about Armadale is premium, so when you think about it, it makes perfect sense that Dough Store opened there last month. And while your regular High Street Armadale shopping odyssey would have your fashion and brunch needs satisfied, you can now add exclusive sneakers, street-wear and accessories to the mix.

Before Dough Store spawned into an IRL street-wear haven, you may have stumbled across it somewhere online. Dough Store Founder and long-time sneaker collector, Jay Kloss says the funny thing about the store’s name is that he never intended to be running a business like he is today. “The inspiration behind the name actually came from there being zero names left to use in the sneaker industry.” His favourite shoe is also the Jordan 1 Bred, dough makes bread and bread (or dough) is money.

Location-wise, you’ll find Dough Store a short walk from Green Cup and a few storefronts shy of being at the High Street and Glenferrie Road intersection. And if you’re planning a visit to Dough Store, you’ll want to make sure you’ve cleared out your arvo, ‘cause you’ll need ample time to first admire the kicks, and then the store’s crisp fit-out. But more on that later.

Before setting up shop in Armadale, Jay previously spent a lot of time buying sneakers and visiting LA. He says, “I was naturally drawn to the consignment stores they have over there and I always thought there was a great opportunity to do something similar.”

Fast forward to 2018 and not only did he do just that, he’s focusing on how he can bring something a little different to Melbourne.

Jay says Dough Store is different in a number of ways (to other stores in the same market), in that there’s an emphasis on it looking and feeling like a gallery. Officially Dough Store is not a gallery by trade, but if their lush sneaker wall is anything to go by, you’ll find it hard to believe that it wasn’t. And if you’ve ever fantasized about being on an episode of Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma, consider this your dream come true.

When you think of Dough Store, think, the sneakers you’ve seen in your dreams and the accessories you’ve ever only seen on your screen… until now that is. And according to Jay, that’s the goal. “You’re going to see things in Dough that you’re simply not going to see anywhere else, whether it’s Eminem Jordan 4s or Louis Vuitton Supreme trunks.”

So what exactly can you splash your cash on? In terms of footwear, think enviable Yeezys, coveted Nike x Off White Jordan 1s and believe it or not, Nike’s iconic Back To The Future Air Mags—and that’s only just the beginning. If you’re in the market for accessories, they’ve got you covered with options from Astroworld, OVO, Adidas x Palace and more. On the clothing side of things, they’ve got a solid selection of tees and hoodies. And if you’re feeling extra, you might want to check out the Supreme x The North Face metallic mountain parka, ‘cause why not?

Dough Store certainly makes the play for your ultimate street-wear go-to, but ultimately they’re keen to make your visit about more than purchasing. “We want it to be an experience when you come in, not just a place to buy and leave. We really want people to want to come and hang out and enjoy themselves here.” And that’s why you’ll find a flat screen and PlayStation setup nestled at the back of the store, guarded by a Bearbrick army, no less. Whether you need to contemplate a purchase over a round of Fortnite, or you just want to chill, it’s all encouraged.

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Image credit: Annika Kafcaloudis

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