Easey Street Gets A Brand New BBQ Venue

By Clare Acheson
23rd Apr 2015

Let’s face it: When it comes to American BBQ in Melbourne, the northside is where it’s at, and this new Collingwood restaurant only serves to reinforce that reputation. The recently opened Easey Street Smoke Out, situated on—you guessed it!— Easey Street, serves up mouth-watering BBQ thanks to the experts behind local smokehouse Ironbark and the Kustom Kommune motorcycle workshop, who are both located in the same warehouse. Beer, bikes and BBQ…There is literally NOTHING else that this particular Lister needs in life.

The Easey Street Smoke Out space nails that greasy-bike-workshop-chic thing (is that a thing? I don’t even know…). Classic Hondas, battered biker helmets and stunning photography grace the space, with a vintage bike taking pride of place in the centre of the dining table. It’s one for the bike nerds, sure, but it’s also one for those who just love tinkering around, looking at old stuff.

But onto the food. The meats from Ironbark are juicy, tender and smoked to perfection—the ideal partners to the fresh slaw and salads on offer. If you’re sick of pulled pork, wrap your mouth around the spicy sausages and lamb ribs, which both come with a greasy thumbs-up. There’s also a local beer menu courtesy of the guys at 3 Ravens, which is just up the road in Thornbury, meaning everything’s fresh, local and awesome.

A weekend only affair (it opens Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays—check out the listing for more info), you can be guaranteed mess at The Easy Street Smoke Out, whether it’s of the motorcycle oil, hot sauce, or too many beers variety. A plate of American BBQ goodness and a cold frothy while you tune up your Harley? Now that’s the real American dream.

Easey Street Smoke Out | Collingwood

Image credit: Easey Street Smoke Out/Ironbark

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