Where To Find Insane Hot Chocolates & Rainbow Lattes In Melbourne

By Aimee Bricker
15th Jul 2016

Golden Lattes Melbourne

With the weather suddenly turning our beloved city into some kind of Arctic hell hole, we went searching for the best winter warming drinks. And we’re pleased to report back that we’ve found a suitable option for basically anyone. So get ready to say laterzz to those winter blues and hello to being warm on the insides with these next-level winter warming drinks that will blow your mind as they warm your cockles.

Hot Chocolate

The drink that we really want when we haven’t quite yet mastered the art of enjoying a coffee, but are too embarrassed to order. These are Melbourne hot chocolates you can order with pride.

Mörk Chocolate Brew House | North Melbourne

Combining the old school fun of a science experiment, with the exciting promise of a delicious drink at the end, Mörk’s hot chocolate is next level. Pour delicious hot chocolate into a glass that’s had flavoured smoke sitting in it, and then mix it with a toasted marshmallow. Voila.

Long Story Short | Richmond

Videos of warm milk being poured over a Sisko chocolate sphere, which then melts and pops open to reveal marshmallows has 100% flashed across your Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat recently. If it hasn’t, get to Long Story Short and take a video yourself. P.S There’s also a matcha version of the chocolate ball. 

Hash Specialty Coffee | CBD

Another one you should have seen on the social media stratosphere, the hot chocolate at Hash Specialty Coffee involves fairy floss. You pour your chocolate over fairy floss and it melts into the most insane hot chocolate you could ever dream of. It’s like all of your little kid fantasies come true! 


Gone are the days where coffee was plain old coffee. There’s a whole new wave of coffee involving colours and surprising new ingredients. While the coffee purists out there might not approve, we think these coffee variations are pretty awesome.

Too Many Chiefs | Brighton

This Brighton cafe is quickly making waves in the coffee world due to its insane coffee colours. While they do have your regular coffee, Too Many Chiefs is renowned for their rainbow latte art and rainbow coffee. From beetroot to turmeric (AKA a golden latte) to matcha, Too Many Chiefs has you covered when it comes to coffee of the colourful variety.

Milkcow | CBD

The clever guys at Milkcow have taken their delicious desserts and added coffee to create the magic that is the ‘Avalanche’.  Simply pour the shot of double espresso over your cup of fairy floss (with hidden dusted espresso coffee beans) and watch the magic happen! For those craving soft serve, there’s the ‘rise and shine’—the Milkcow take on an affogato—with lashings of soft serve and double espresso poured over the top. 

'Anything But Coffee' Coffee

These coffees are anything but coffee. They might be lattes in name, but they’re most certainly not the traditional lattes that we all know and love.  But…they could be even better.

Matcha Mylkbar | St Kilda

There’s your regular latte and chai latte, but there’s also a carrot cake latte, apple pie, and mushroom latte. Yes, mushroom. There’s also turmeric, beetroot, and cacao. Or for those after their matcha latte fix, you’ve got seven different options, including a mango and lychee matcha latte (comes iced as well).

Serotonin Eatery | Burnley

Ah Serotonin, the Burnley hot spot that oozes health and wellbeing. The crew here serve golden lattes, as well as peanut butter latte, and a gingerbread latte. Top it off with your matcha and chai and you’ve got all the non-traditional coffees that your cold little heart could ever desire. 

Street Organic | Malvern

For anyone who loves clean eating, Street Organics in Malvern is exactly the place to go and get your clean latte fix. Serving up your now standard matcha and chai lattes, Street Organic also have beetroot, turmeric and ginger, as well as dandelion lattes. 

Want more of the best colourful lattes in Melbourne? Here are the best golden lattes in town!

Image credit: Michael Woods

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