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Matt Groening Is Finally Coming To Australia To Play Knifey-Spoony

By Ben Tyers
12th Sep 2016

Matt Groening Sydney

Aye carumba! Simpsons fans rejoice, it’s legendary creator Matt Groening will be gracing our humble shores for Graphic 2016 at the Sydney Opera House.

It’s the first time Groening will have been to Australia, so we can confirm that he has never played knifey-spoony before.

Graphic—a festival of visual storytelling, animation & music—will take place over 2 days in November, bringing together a cavalcade of creative minds including of course the man behind Life In Hell, Futurama & The Simpsons.

Alongside Groening you’ll find Michael Leuning, First Dog On The Moon & Brandon Graham amongst others.

Best news is that there are heaps of free events, so there is no chance of this costing you $900 dollarydoos.

Where: Sydney Opera House
When: 4th – 5th November

Check out the full program events on the Graphic website.

Image Credit: Four Finger Discount

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