Pidapipo Are Releasing A New Range Of Chocolate Gelato!

By Ellen Seah
25th Aug 2016


If Pidapipo’s new limited edition Death By Chocolate gelato range is any indication, it’s never too cold for ice cream. Teaming up our favourite artisan produce makers Hunted + Gathered, this decadent, cacao-filled range uses Hunted + Gathered’s rich chocolate as a base for each gelato flavour. It’s pure foodie genius.

Chocolate-y flavour options include the Dark Chocolate Fondant with Candied Orange (drool) or Double Roasted Chooclate with Smoked Salt Chocolate Ganache. Since you’ve survived the first half of 2016, you definitely deserve this finger-licking reward. Pidapipo’s heart-stopping Malted Milk Chocolate with Caramel gelato will also be available as a chocolate block, if you’re planning to double dip.

The limited edition gelato flavours will be available for four weeks from Friday the 26 of August. Hunted + Gathered chocolate will also be available to purchase in store, because Pidapipo obviously know their customers too well.   

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Image credit: Pidapipo

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