5 Of The Best Gluten Free Breakfasts in Melbourne Right Now

By Charlotte Revill
26th Jul 2016

2016 has already been a strong year for café openings in Melbourne, they came, they opened and they absolutely conquered the breakfast scene.

And if you thought Melbourne's brekky scene was healthy before, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. These cafes have stepped up the brunch game from all angles, catering for every allergy or intolerance. And for our gluten free friends? Guys, I’m talking menu options…lots of menu options. Hallelujah.

Some of the best gluten free breakfasts in Melbourne are right on your doorstep, so the hardest part is going to be deciding which joint to hit first. And if that means two brunch dates on a Saturday, so be it.

Here are some of our favourite new gluten free breakfast dishes for you to try.


There’s a reason this place will become your weekly (*daily) addiction and it’s not just because they do one of the best Golden Lattes around (add in a shot of coffee = mind blown). They haven’t stopped impressing us with their menu and all the incredible options.  It can be pretty hard to pick a winner since most of the menu is gluten free but you can’t really look past the Silverbeet & Leek Pancakes, when was the last time you got to enjoy a decent GF pancake? The only way to hit Smäk up properly is on an empty stomach with a group of mates so you can order a selection of different dishes and then attempt to pick your favourite. Just make sure someone orders a dish with their infamous Life Bread, a GF soy free vegan beauty and if they don’t, well, you’ll just have to buy one of the loaves they bake fresh daily.

Matcha Mylkbar

You probably haven’t heard of this relatively undiscovered café … erm yeah right. Only if you have been living under a very remote, very large rock will you have escaped the frenzy. There’s very little I even need to say that you won’t already know—you’ve heard of the vegan eggs and mushroom lattes? Of course you have. You can’t have a Melbourne gluten free breakfast list and not mention this foodie god send. The world is your oyster at Matcha Mylkbar and by world I mean the menu and by oyster I strongly suggest you clear your schedule, take a seat, and try and decide whether to order the Eggs on Toast and go wild with all the sides or go for the infamous Dragonfruit Breakfast Bowl and post the prettiest picture your Insta feed will have seen. (If in doubt: always choose both.)

Something More

There’s something about this place—you’ll be feeling it the instant you stroll inside through the “door” (it doesn’t actually have a door—of course it doesn’t it’s Fitzroy. There’s a roller door, but still). This is the Melbourne café you want to check out when you’re after a brunch menu with a difference—a really, really good difference. The menu is short and sweet and they’ve been kind enough to think of something for every dietary preference. They are all about the GF options over here (cheers, guys). And it’s all about the Something Green, I warn you, it packs enough flavour you might just have to swear off smashed avos for life.  

Fourth Chapter

“You know, the one with the great front door.” 

Fourth Chapter proves that sometimes it’s the little things that matter. But, hell, it doesn’t hurt that the food ain’t too bad here, either. In fact, that’s putting it lightly. The team have really hit the ground running with their menu, wowing us with the perfect mix of sweet and savoury options. But, if we had to pick a favourite, we only have two words for you: Baked Eggs. This dish never really gets the appreciation it deserves in the brunch game, does it? But Fourth Chapter is really fighting in Baked Eggs corner over here, and they’re succeeding because we won’t order anything else on the menu. What’s not to love? It’s healthy, flavour packed, and it even has avo and corn chips. Sold. Then, if, somehow, you still have space for more you can’t leave without trying one of their GF Strawberry Oreos. Need we say more?

Higher Ground

When you’re the people responsible for bring Kettle Black and Top Paddock into our lives you know expectations are going to be ‘high’ when you open a third venue, Higher Ground. You’re also right in thinking the foods going to be on point because these guys will definitely know their stuff. And, yes, they’ve done it again, repping a menu that screams for a brunch date in a building so beautiful we would call for squatters rights in a heartbeat. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but for all you sweet tooths out there the Buffalo Yoghurt Chia & Muddled Strawberries is the gluten-free breakfast for you. Freeze-dried kiwi and pistachios give it that extra oomph and it’s safe to say it tastes as good as it looks. 

Image credit: Fourth Chapter by Griffin Simm for The Urban List

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