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The Book of Mormon is Coming!

By Clare Acheson
29th Apr 2015

If you’ve read the headline, you’ll know EXACTLY what this is about. Yes, that’s right, Listers, the side-achingly hilarious musical that’s taken the world by storm is hitting Melbourne in (don’t hold your breath…) January 2017!

Not one for the kids, or the easily offended, The Book of Mormon takes a satirical view of the world’s most ridiculed religion. Combining elements of wit, questionable wisdom and lyrical theatre, the show’s won a massive NINE Tony Awards and continues to sell out venues around the world, giving punters a good laugh for a solid couple of hours.

Tapping into our love for all things a little bad taste (Cards Against Humanity, anyone?), The Book of Mormon paraphrases all the things we find baffling and bemusing about Mormonism. With writing credits going to Trey Parker and Matt Stone of Southpark fame, and music penned by Robert Lopez, who was the mastermind behind Frozen’s “Let It Go,” you’re guaranteed comedy of the highest calibre.

The musical will hit Princess Theatre in January 2017—sign up to the website’s mailing list now to be the first in line for seats!

The Book of Mormon | January 2017

Image credit: Brightest Young Things/The Book of Mormon

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