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The Feed | All The News You Missed This Week

By Elizabeth Maidment
4th May 2018

As sad as we were to see April leave, It’s Gotta Be May (we’re looking at you, JT). Before you know it, you’ve scrolled through your non-chronological Instagram feed while watching Bachie in Paradise Finale with a vino. But if you haven’t had a chance to catch up on the latest foodie news, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Here’s all the foodie news you’ve missed in the ever-changing bubble that is Melbourne.

  • To celebrate eleven years in Hawthorn, Muharam Café is changing their menu prices to eleven dollars for the WHOLE YEAR (yep, you heard us right). Say hello to your new weekday brunch spot.
  • It ain’t easy being cheesy, especially when Maker & Monger are teaming up with Baby Pizza for a month-long cheese menu. It's called Formaggio, and it'll be running all of May. You can book here
  • Clifton Hill, your favourite uncle is in town. Uncle Drew Cafe is doing dinner now, and has teamed up with Waterslide Bar for some killer cocktails. Think Friday and Saturday night sipping on a Mexican Breakfast (Tequila, Peach Snapps + English Breakfast) as well as your all fave classics.
  • Heads up, Ashburton. Brunch bar The Resident Café is now open for dinner from Thursday to Sunday. BRB, we’re downing some of their chilli caramel wings. Decent vino too. 
  • Feeling like a wild Saturday night? The newest brand of condoms, Jonny is breaking the taboo of women buying and carrying around condoms (seriously guys, it's 2018.) Not only are they vegan-friendly, women empowering and come in a super cute green pouch, every dollar from your purchase will go towards the i=Change movement. Nice one, ladies. 
  • Your favourite northside hang, The Rochey, is heading in a totally new direction. From 6 May they're launching a brand new INDIAN menu. Yep, they've partnered with Mischa Tropp from We Are Kerala to smash Melbourne preconceptions about Indian food. Head down and check it out asap. 
  • Biggie Smalls just launched a kickass Happy Hour today! It's gonna be running everyday from 4pm – 6pm and will feature $7 basics, tap beers for $8 bucks and a cheeky $13 Negroni. Only available in Collingwood and Windsor stores—get around it! 
  • The Thunder Road Brewhouse in Brunswick and Rum Diary Spiced Rum have teamed up for a delectable dark spiced lager – now that is what dreams are made of. Take a sip at Beneath Driver Lane
  • Our favourite day in May is back with Guzman and Gomez serving burritos for a fiver ALL DAY this Saturday for Cinco de Mayo. $5! Arriba!
  • Empty your piggy banks—Jetstar is currently offering free returns on selected flights. Pack your bags, we’re going to Honolulu.
  • It’s Saturday. You’re stuck being the Designated Driver. All you want is a god-damn G+T, but don’t worry, we rounded up the best non-alcoholic gins (yes, there is such a wondrous thing) so you can have that refresh you deserve.
  • If you’ve literally been living under a rock, Hillary Clinton is coming to AUS and we’re giving away a DOUBLE PASS to go and see her live for one night only—rush to it and enter here
  • We discovered St Kilda's best-kept secret—a kitschy op-shop speakeasy bar at the foot of the LEGO Building (sorry, the Icon Building). Just dial '2' on the telephone to open the secret entrance. 
  • The Mr Mister crew just opened a third venue, and it's called—wait for it—Little Mister. Same great breakfast vibes, now serving in Hampton. Add it to the brunch list ASAP. 

Image credit: The Rochey 

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