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This Is The Summer Fruit You’ve Never Heard Of

By Ellen Seah
3rd Sep 2016


It might sound vaguely fictional and suspiciously adorable: but we promise the cucamelon is a fully natural, real summer fruit. A cucumber-watermelon hybrid, these teensy tiny fruits are shaped like miniature watermelons and grow off ornamental vines.

Much to our cu-llective disappointment, these coo-worthy fruits don’t actually taste like bite-sized watermelons. Instead they have an acidic, cucumber-like taste – think fresh cucumber with a touch of lemon or your favourite gherkin!

Ideal for flavouring salads or pickling as a cutesy side, now is the perfect time to plant some cucamelon seeds for a summer harvest! You can pick up cucamelon seeds at a local Bunnings or online. 

Until you manage to score some cucamelons of your own, why not head to Melbourne's Cutest Cafe

Image credit: via Homegrown.

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