Trend Alert | Cotton Candy Ice-Cream Cones

By Ellen Seah
30th Aug 2016


It has been a hard year on our waistlines. From enormous freakshakes to epic doughnuts; and croissant hybrids to rainbow everything, our bathroom scale has decisively tipped in one alarming direction this year.

But the foodie world hasn’t thrown in their collective towel yet. Making its way into our sugary, temptation-filled lives is the newest trend: cotton candy ice cream cones.

Developed by London’s newest dessert café, Milk Train, these sugar-lined ice creams wouldn’t look out of place beside an Umpa Lumpa. Delicate candy clouds surround creamy soft serve, with the sugary (for lack of a better word) fluff concealing the cone beneath.

If you’re as keen as a kid in a candy store, you’re in luck. Recently opened Aqua S in Melbourne serves cotton candy lined soft serve with flavours including pandan, lemon squash, and sea salt.

Don't worry, summer is ages away right guys? 

If you need more places in Melbourne to lick up the best ice-cream, check out Melbourne's Best Places For Ice Cream Lovers

Image credit: foodfairyx via Instagram.

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