We Found Melbourne’s Longest Aperitivo Hour

By Simone Jovel
7th Oct 2016

best aperitivo hour sydney
best aperitivo hour sydney
best aperitivo hour sydney
best aperitivo hour sydney
best aperitivo hour sydney
best aperitivo hour sydney
best aperitivo hour sydney
best aperitivo hour sydney

There’s a reason people talk about the Mediterranean diet as being the sure fire way to health, happiness and all that relatable jazz. And let us tell you, it isn’t because of all those healthy oils and fresh veggies.

Its because those in the Mediterranean, especially those clever Italians, know that the secret to health and happiness lies in taking your sweet, sweet time. Now gather round, because we’re about to introduce you to a little thing the Italian’s like to call aperitivo, and it’s essentially a three-hour long drinking session, with great food to boot.  Also known as the greatest thing this side of Italia. 

And, guys, we have great news. We’ve found it right here in Melbourne thanks to the team at Fratelli Fresh. So say aperitivo three times, nice and slowly of course, because it is about to become your new favourite word. Here’s everything you can expect.

The Drinks

Every good aperitivo starts (and ends) with drinks. But a great aperitivo, a three hour aperitivo, starts and ends with $7.50 Negronis on tap, a bargain in anyone’s language. As well as pints of craft beer, and glasses of wine for $5 a pop, and, our personal favourite, $10 spritzers. Whether it’s hump day, Friday, or just we-survived-another-workday, these weekly deals are a steal, even on the eve before payday. Did we mention they’re also available on the weekend? Because they are.

The Food

The Italians, and our good friends at Fratelli Fresh, understand that if one is to linger over a Negroni or three, it’s a hell of a lot more fun if you’re grazing as you do so. That’s where the food component of your new favourite word, aperitivo, comes in. For three blissful hours all of their tasty pizzas are available for the bargain price of $15, meaning you can get two (potentially three), because who are we to back away from a good deal.

What’s The Rush?

You’ve stayed three hours already, what’s a couple more? You’ve already made yourself nice and comfortable, so why not settle in a little deeper and taste your way through Fratelli Fresh’s extensive dinner menu. The flavours are simple and big, the portions generous and the ingredients are fresher than fresh. You can also take advantage of one of their fabulous dinner specials, because let’s be honest, we know you like a good deal.

Aperitivo hour is on at your local Fratelli Fresh every day of the week, click here to find your nearest venue. 

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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