We’re 5! | We Count Down Our Top 5 Spots In Melbourne

By Ben Tyers
10th Oct 2016


Not to be that person who makes a big deal about their birthday, but please stop everything you’re doing at look how big we are, because The Urban List has just turned five years old! 

Yep, The Urban List been dishing up the best of the best for five whole years (and we don’t look a day over four). It’s been a hell of a ride, and we’ve picked up a few friends along the way, namely our pals in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and our first international brus in Auckland. 

Now that we’re wearing our big boys pants we thought it was high time to let our hair down and celebrate the only way we know how, with a good list. So, to mark our 5th birthday, we’re counting down our team’s ultimate Melbourne Top 5—those Melbourne businesses who’ve kept us fed, watered, dressed, and (somewhat) fit over the years, without which we’d be lesser humans. 

Supporting these brill’ businesses is what gets us out of bed in the morning. We hope some of our favourites have become yours too. 



Anything but mushrooms

1. Radio Mexico for great Mexican and 2 for 1 margaritas on Monday.
2. Supernormal, stacks and stacks of food. Can't go past the duck bao if you feel like eating all of a duck, and of course the peanut butter parfait to finish off.
3. Leonard's House Of Love. Hands down the best cheeseburger in Melbourne, couple that with Brooklyn Lager on tap and Fireball Whisky for great inebriated times. It has filled the hole in my heart that was left by the closure of Sweetwater Inn.
4. Pizza Religion for the best takeaway (and eat in) pizza you'll find. The beef cheek with cauliflower purée is an absolute triumph in pizza.
5. The Local Taphouse, a great neighbourhood pub with some excellent food and a ton of beer on tap.

Beer and coffee are a hobby, right?

1. Bawa for a delicious brunch that pushes the boundaries.
2. Shifty Chevre for all of the cheese.
3. Moon Dog Brewery on a Friday night for pizza, couch hangs and a creative brew...or 6!.
4. Marion for a glass of wine in the afternoon sunshine and a Lune croissant (if you're lucky!).
5. IDES for something (or someone) a little bit special.

Scotch, books, shoes = The holy trinity

1. Belleville for mac'n'cheese lobster bombs and dancehall 'til dawn.
2. Amaru for the full fourteen courses.
3. Zambesi for the thigh-high Margiela perspex wedges I never knew I needed.
4. Heartbreaker for highballs and Stevie Nicks hero worship.
5. Geralds for that home-away-from-home feeling.

It's kind of like choosing between my children, but here goes...

1. City Wine Shop for polenta chips, hummus, cheese, and all the wine.
2. The Flying Duck for pints and lol’s.
3. Little Sunflower Cafe for coffee and #cleaneating.
4. South Melbourne Market for freshly shucked oysters, Gozleme, and bags upon bags of “3 FOR $1" vegetables.
5. Carlisle Accessories for all things leather and wonderful.

The burger whisperer....

1. Fancy Hanks, hands down best brisket in Melb and you can order it by the 100g!
2. Dukes Coffee. This is the only place that have mastered the perfect long Mac, well the way I like it anyway!
3. Mr Myagi, their MFC Japanese fried chicken with Kewpie mayo is the best! Dare I say one of the best places for fried chicken.
4. Eau de Vie do an incredible Old Fashioned and their whisky selection is enormous. 
5. Royal Stacks. I love mac and cheese and I love burgers.. These guys do awesome burgers and with mac and cheese croquette patties. Absolute heaven.

What is life without cheese?

1. Town Mouse for something a tiny bit fancy.
2. Shop Ramen for takeaway.
3. Marion for wines.
4. Three Bags Full for their green hollandaise eggs benny / brunch on my own
5. Lûmé for the ultimate foodie experience.

Image Credit: Michelle Jarni

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