Where To Get Melbourne-Style Food Around The World

By Clare Acheson
7th Jul 2016

Melbourne’s culinary culture has finally made a name for itself in the global food and drink scene—everyone and their estranged Dutch aunt is keen to try out the latest avo creation or pimped-out doughnut. If you’re globe-trotting, keenp an eye out for these Melbourne food transplants that are filling bellies around the world.

The Diplomat, Alabama

Unbeknown to most, Melbourne’s BBQ scene is also tearing it up on the other side of the world. Soon-to-open Birmingham, Alabama restaurant The Diplomat is taking a leaf out of Black Rock bar and restaurant Ebenezer Coffee & Wine Bar’s book, recreating its Cuban pork sandwich for hungry folk in the southern States. With meat that juicy and tender, and the added bonus of a sweet pickle or two, who could blame them! 

Hardware Societe, Paris

Yep, the team behind this hardware lane institution has opened a Parisian outpost of Hardware Societe and the food is just as mouth-wateringly moreish as their CBD location, only with extra croissants. AND they serve Lobster Benedict with a 64 degree egg. Brb, just booking our flights to France…

Brunswick, Brooklyn

There are two of them, they are both cafés named after Melbourne’s glorious inner north, and they serve a mean slice of sourdough and a baby kale salad. Enough said.

Sweatshop, Brooklyn

With the mantra, ‘Death before decaf,’ Williamsburg café and creative studio space, Sweatshop, is run by a team of Melburnians currently residing in New York. Of course, you can expect luxe doughnuts, avo, fried egg and chilli breakfast plates, and berry and granola topped toast being served up to locals and savvy tourists. They’ve also got a Frank Body pop-up in their coffee shop. I mean, could you get more Melbourne than that!?

Silo Coffee, Berlin

Germany may be getting a little sick of Melburnians relocating to its capital in search of all-nighters at Berghain (isn’t Revolver enough?!), but its coffee culture is lapping up our poached egg and avo combos. Serving oven baked hotcakes, avo, chia, beetroot and hummus on toast, and specialising in small batch coffees, this one wouldn’t look out of place in Windsor.

Father Carpenter, Berlin

Brioche brekkie burgers, bircher muesli and vegan spicy beans all await at Australian owned Berlin café, Father Carpenter. We hear they do a mean Vegemite on toast too… Mmmm, that yeasty taste of home!

Luxe, Singapore

The Asian outpost of Luxe in Sydney, this Singapore café offers a range of dishes that we’re preeeetty sure we invented before those crafty Sydney-siders started recreating them. From the full Aussie breakfast with avo, mushies and scrambled eggs, to the kale, feta and roast pumpkin salad, to the totally Melbourne parmesan doughnut food hybrid, we’re sure that the Luxe team been looking to us for inspo. Plus, they serve Coopers green AND red. Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Shoreditch Grind, London

Raw brekkie salads, pressed juices, sourdough pizzas, sweet potato chips… Shoreditch Grind serves all these flavours of Melbourne to London’s finest. In fact, the Grind team has a few venues in London, all of which serve some Melbourne-inspired dishes, so be sure to look out for the Grind logo if you’re trekking around London.

Keen for more venues shaking up the world food scene? Check out the best Aussie cafes around the globe.

Image credit: Ebenezer Coffee & Wine Bar by Gareth Sobey for The Urban List

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