Yes, Avocado Buns Are Now A Thing

By Ellen Seah
21st Aug 2016

Avozillas Perth

It would be fair to say that our love for avocado is everlasting. From trusted never-fail avo smash to extravagant avocado roses, you might have been fooled into thinking that we’d run out of ways to eat this butter-like green fruit.

Prepare to be astounded by the food world’s determination yet again: someone has created avocado buns and they’re as dysfunctional as you would imagine.

Made by cutting an avocado crosswise in half (blasphemy!) you’ll then need to somehow fish out the seed and discard it. Then delicately layer ingredients between avocado halves and top with seeds if you’re regretting all your life decisions at this point.

We can only imagine that eating is no less difficult, with the avocado burger disintegrating into a mushy, oily mess upon any attempt at lift off.  

But at least they look pretty, and if you’re prepared to commit burger atrocities by using a knife and fork, it be transformed into a deliciously avocado-heavy salad!

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Image credit: fooddeco via Instagram

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