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50 Auckland Dates For Less Than $50

By Bella Ramdhanie
16th Jan 2018

50 Dates For Less Than $50

Have a nifty fifty and a whole lotta love in your heart? Then boy do we have some dates for you. Just because things are a little tight on the wallet right now doesn’t mean your love needs to suffer.

There’s no need to worry. We've thought long and hard and carefully created a list of a whopping 50 date ideas, all for less than 50 bucks!

From a wonderfully serene walk (that you can enjoy for f r e e) to a delish dinner, here are 50 date ideas for less than $50.

  1. If you’re a fan of the classic dinner date, Auckland has some amaze choices that are very reasonably priced. Yum.
  2. Wanna do something a lil different? Head to Devonport and explore the North Head tunnels, snuggle up close to your s/o if scared!
  3. Maybe you’re a lil bit dorky? So are we. Enjoy a game night! Spending Monopoly money rather than real money leaves you feelin’ guilt-free.
  4. Rock-climbing—it’s not just for kids! At Auckland’s, Clip N Climb, you and your s/o can enjoy a quirky date for just $18 each. Cool?!
  5. Short on time? The classic coffee date is a go-to, and kind on the bank account. Laugh over a coffee and a cheeky slice at some of Auckland’s best cafes.
  6. Embrace your inner child and play laser tag. Impress the s/o with your survival skills. Taking life too seriously is overrated.
  7. OK, things are about to get real cheesy. Yup, we’re talking about a mini-golf date. As romcom as it sounds, it’s pretty damn fun.
  8. Be super cute and go couple bowling! Pro tip: commenting on how much you don’t like the shoes is mandatory.
  9. Could we discuss date nights without mentioning the classic ‘dinner and a movie’ combo? Enjoy a delish $12 rice donburi from Renkon and catch the latest flick!

    50 Dates For Less Than $50
  10. Bored of brunchin? Walk hand in hand with bae at the Auckland Art Gallery this Sunday morn and marvel at the art exhibitions.
  11. Auckland is an awesome place to be when it comes to enjoying changing seasons. Give your bank balance a break and opt for one of the many stunning flower walks.
  12. Hit the Auckland Museum and immerse yourself in culture and history. Added bonus: it’s free entry.
  13. Feelin’ a day trip? Catch a ferry from the city over to Rangitoto and climb to the top—get in some quality time and get a pic #boyfriendsofinstagram
  14. Working on your bod? Aren’t we all. Well, for the price of $0 you can turn your body goals into a reality by opting for a hiking date!

    50 Dates For Under $50
  15. With a good sense of humour (and perhaps a drink or two to ease the nerves) hitting a Karaoke bar makes for a very fun date.
  16. There’s plenty of places to go chasin’ waterfalls! Check them out and enjoy the beauty that is New Zealand.
  17. Auckland has some stunning beaches. You and your s/o can work on your tan, frolic in the ocean and chomp on an ice-cream.
  18. If you’re feelin' adventurous, spend the day pretending you’re in ‘Fool’s gold’ by hiring snorkeling equipment and enjoying the awesomeness of Goat Island!   
  19. An outdoor movie always makes for a romantic date. Opt for your comfy sweats, and pack up a yummy dinner and a blanket. Voila!
  20. Nothing's more romantic than the perfect picnic. Head to Devonport’s Mount Victoria, check out the view and enjoy a basket of your fave goodies (with a glass of bubbles, of course!).
  21. Speaking of picnics, there’s a whole bunch of awesome picnic spots! Struggling to think of ideas for snacks? Embrace a typical Kiwi summer and opt for fish ‘n’ chips.
  22. Have a laff. No actually, head to one of Auckland’s Comedy Clubs and pick up a cheap dins after. Fun date night—check.
  23. Kickin’ back and listening to some mighty-fine tunes is an awesome way to spend a night. Be sure to check out Music In Parks.
  24. Whether it's checking out the food stalls, outdoor movies or ice-cream sundae market, the Silo Park is an awesome idea for a date.
  25. What better way to spend a date than facing off against strangers in a competition that tests your general knowledge? A pub quiz is a good icebreaker and guaranteed to be a laugh.
  26. Feel like exploring? We have the inside scoop on Auckland’s best secret swimming spots! Grab the sunblock, some tasty snacks and enjoy a date perfect for the summer season.
  27. Chomp your way through a Best Ugly Bagel. True to the name, they won’t cost you much. Plus, they’re delish.
  28. Is your Instagram feed lookin’ a lil bleak? No worries—hit up one of Auckland’s Insta-worthy cafes and look into the eyes of your s/o whilst enjoying some top-notch brunch.
  29. Burger enthusiast? Spend your date night at one of Auckland’s many burger joints. Mmm.
  30. For those of you who are cute as a button, we have an activity that's equally adorable! Paint The Earth makes for a light-hearted date with options starting at $22.
  31. Entry into MOTAT is just $19! Head there for a fun and interesting day.
  32. Brighten up your week with a date to the very cute (and super fun), Stardome.

    50 Dates For Under $50
  33. Fancy a little adventure? Jump on the next ferry and enjoy a day exploring Waiheke Island in the sunshine.
  34. One of Auckland’s most gorgeous attractions, One Tree Hill, makes for a hella romantic stroll.
  35. Enjoy a glass of wine? Ah, don’t we all. Grab your s/o and go out for a cheeky glass of wine (or two) at these hot spots.
  36. We don’t discriminate against cocktails, there are so many awesome places to get your hands on an A+ bevvy! Work your way through the list with the s/o. 
  37. Can’t decide what you feel like for dinner? Easy solution—hit up one of Auckland’s many Night Markets!

    50 Dates For Under $50
  38. If you’re feeling extra romantic (but don’t have the moolah to splash out on anything fancy) Auckland has some amaze spots to star-gaze. Snuggle up and marvel at the beauty of it all!
  39. Maybe you want an excuse to get a lil bit closer, or a chance to blow off some steam? Auckland has a super cool nightlife. Go dancing!
  40. If you’re a fan of all things vodka, Vodka Room has you sorrrrted! This joint is an awesome place for a nighttime date.
  41. For $19.50 you can enjoy the wonder that is Auckland’s Sensory Maze. Eep!
  42. Who doesn’t like a scoop (or three) of ice-cream? You could enjoy an adorable date night at one of Auckland’s best ice-cream joints
  43. For our sporty couples, or those who like to be on the move, opt for Kayak or Paddle board hire! Super fun and only $35.
  44. Depending on what floats your boat, Netflix and chill is arguably the best option on this list—takeaways of your choosing, snuggles and a good movie. Yas!
  45. Embrace your inner romantic and cook your s/o a delish home-cooked meal. Privacy, romance and quality time. Naw.
  46. A couple that reads together, stays together. Head to one of these bookstores, buy a book and read away the hours… 
  47. Get on those bikes and cycle the pink pathway—make sure you ‘gram it, or it didn’t happen!
  48. Brave the Wild West, with a trip to one of Auckland’s black sand beaches. Piha, Muriwai, Bethalls—they’re all spectacular!
  49. One of the most romantic things to do is watching a sunrise. We’ve got the best spots in Auckland. 
  50. Take things up a notch with a tandem bike ride along Mission Bay. Such bliss. 

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Image Credit: High School Musical, Yayoi Kusama, The obliteration room 2002-present. Collaboration between Yayoi Kusama and Queensland Art Gallery. Collection: Queensland Art Gallery, Australia.Photograph: Dunedin Public Art Gallery,

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