Where To Go For A Cheap (But Not Tacky) Date In Auckland

By Tennille Ziegler
17th Jan 2017

Where To Go For A Cheap Date In Auckland

We get it—life in Auckland is expensive. But high rents, ridiculous food prices and transport costs shouldn’t get in the way of your romantic self.

From trying out the latest rooftop bar (Dr Rudi’s we’re looking at you), to sipping on cocktails seaside (hello old friend), there are plenty of plusses to date in our fine city. We’ve revealed where to go on a first date in Auckland, dates you should have been on, outdoor date spots and even how to find a hot date in the City of Sails, but for those who are on a budget (aren’t we all?) and want to pinch those pennies without looking like a scrooge, we’ve got your back, too.

Here are 20 places to go on a cheap date in Auckland. You can thank us later!

  1. Forget spending $20 each on a film, go to one of these outdoor cinema screenings for free!
  2. Take your date out for a bagel at Best Ugly—you can talk about how famous the joint is when you’re there. It’s only $6 for a PBJ!
  3. Indian is always a cheap take out option; choose from these places.
  4. Or, if your date is more a Thai cuisine king or queen, try one of these joints.
  5. If brekkie is on the cards, check out our cheap eats breakfast list.
  6. When your date wants cocktails, instead of heading out, stay home and try your cocktail making skills by following these instructions to make the best espresso martinis.
  7. Or, if you’re dying for fresh air, pack a picnic and park up at one of these beaches for the day.
  8. And, if you’re trying to up the romance game, watch a sunset at one of these epic lookout spots.
  9. If your loved one is complaining about how you never go out to dinner anymore, head to one of Auckland’s best cheap and cheerful restaurants.
  10. Or instead, save on the wine and hit up a BYO.
  11. Go on a group date and split the bill instead.
  12.  Plan your date accordingly so you can score one of these dinner deals.
  13. Visit comedy’s best bar, The Classic on a Wednesday evening, where you’ll pay $15 for ten acts! Your date will be having such a good time it won’t matter that you skipped dinner.
  14. If we failed to mention dumplings, we should probably be fired, right?
  15. And since they’re one of our fave foods here at the office, we’ll give you some more options.
  16. If you’re really scrounging for cash, but really wanna see said person again, just take them on a casual coffee date. You guys have chosen the best spots here.
  17.  If movies are more your thing, and the weather turns sour for the outdoors, visit the cinemas on cheap Tuesday, then you could maybe splurge on some popcorn.
  18. If you’re catching up for lunch, try one of these spots, from our list of cheap lunches in the CBD.
  19. And, if you don’t know whether you’re doing breakfast, lunch or dinner, just choose one from our list of 25 cheap eats.
  20. Or, if the date was really awful, just pull the ‘shit I left my wallet at home’ card and make them pay. 

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