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50 Things To Do In Fremantle

By Sarah Joanna Pope
20th Apr 2018

Things To Do Fremantle

Oh how we love the port city of Fremantle. It’s the hippy love child of the Perth family with its irresistible mix of markets, street performers, waterfront and colourful locals.

And to maximise your time inside the hyper coloured Freo bubble, we’ve found you a whole bunch of things you need to do, for maximum Freo-ness.

Here are 50 things to do in Fremantle.

  1. I’m just going to address the elephant in the room—Little Creatures. Go there. Drink beer. There, I said it.
  2. Watch the street performers and feel uncomfortable. 
  3. Discover your favourite pinot at Whisper Wine Bar. It feels good to adult.
  4. Continue adulting and head to Strange Company for a cocktail.
  5. Eat all of the delicious things at one of these Fremantle cafes you should have breakfast at.
  6. Now regress and head to Mojos to relive your live music and booze-filled youth.
  7. Have a nap on the grass on Monument Hill overlooking your beautiful Freo kingdom.
  8. Grab a hot cinnamon doughnut from Levi’s Doughnuts at the Freo markets.
  9. Get Your LOLs on by watching some comedy at Creatures Next Door.
  10. Head to the refurbished Local Hotel for full-on Freo feels.
  11. Enjoy the serenity at one of Fremantle Arts Centre’s many chilled-out concerts.
  12. Experience cocktail happiness by the beach at Bib & Tucker.
  13. Pee your pants a little bit at the Fremantle Tram Tours—Ghostly Tour. Everyone’s doing it.
  14. Avoid seagull attacks as you devour fish and chips at Kailis.
  15. Stock up on seafood at Sealanes.
  16. Be all indie and stuff with an artsy movie at Luna on SX.
  17. Behold the power of the woodfire oven at Manuka Woodfire Kitchen.
  18. Devour a burger and some frozen custard at Meet & Bun.
  19. Blend in with the Notre Dame crowd at The Orient.
  20. Party in your mouth with a Wassup Dog.
  21. Catch a wave, or a dreamy surfer dude or dudette, at Leighton Beach.
  22. Check out the crafty, original handmade bespokeness at MANY 2.0.
  23. Take consumerism to dizzying new heights at Corner Store. I wants all the things.
  24. Get a bit touristy and do a Freo bike tour.
  25. Get fully grown-up romantic with a weekend at Port Mill B&B.
  26. Go get your gelato on at Roho Bure. It's some of Perth's best and it just happens to be vegan.
  27. Spend all your pocket money on crystals and incense… almost anywhere.
  28. Settle in by the fire at neighbourhood bar Mrs Brown with a glass or five of red.
  29. Find your sk8ter boi or sk8ter grl at the skate park on the Esplanade.
  30. Join your man bun brethren at The Raw Kitchen. Gluten is the DEVIL.
  31. Have a staycation at the refurbed Tradewinds Hotel.
  32. Caffeinate at South Freo local Ootong & Lincoln. Bring photogenic dog.
  33. Spend all of your cash on pretty dresses at Soul Sisters.
  34. Haggle over vegetables at Freo markets.
  35. Tuck into some chilli mussels at old school Sandrino.
  36. Re-live your glory years with a seedy night at Metros.
  37. Spritz it up at Alter Ego at The Mantle.
  38. Get rid of some spare change at the annual Street Arts Festival.
  39. Jazz and food—together at last. Head to Habitue for this delectable mix.
  40. Drink one too many espresso martinis at Benny's.
  41. Partake in a Sunday sesh at The Norfolk.
  42. Treat your inner coffee snob to a flat white at Port City Roasters on South Terrace.
  43. Hang with the cool kids at Ronnie Nights.
  44. Hang out with the locals at the South Beach Sunset Markets.
  45. Experiment with your hot dog style at Run Amuk Hotdogs.
  46. Carbo-load like you’ve just been stood up for a date…at Bread in Common.
  47. Wander around East Freo and pretend you're rich enough to live there.
  48. Drool onto the jewellery cabinets at Kailis Australian Pearls.
  49. Watch the bridal parties go by at The Round House.
  50. Worship at the altar of the Bon Scott statue.

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Image credit: Louise Coghill

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