24 Reasons To Workout With Your Partner

By Grace Noles
23rd Jan 2018

24 Reasons To Workout With Your Partner

Some days you just lack motivation at the gym. Nothing’s going right, you’re tired AF and your usual gym playlist just isn’t cutting it today—this is where you need a gym partner. Someone to pull you out of your slump and get your A into G!

And, who better to join you on the rack than your partner? You’re beyond comfortable around each other, you’re already working out together at home (wink wink), they instantly put you in a better mood, and let’s be real—who doesn’t want to gawk at their beau lifting some weights?

Here are some ways and reasons to workout with your number one!

  1. They can spot you. Everyone needs a spot now and then, no one wants to ask a random at the gym—thank-you but no thank-you. This is where your partner comes in.
  2. They make workouts fun: doing anything with your partner is fun—whether it’s riding a rollercoaster or sitting on the couch watching a re-run of The Bachelor. Having your partner at the gym may just help you finally enjoy it!
  3. You can take selfies together: you CAN be couple goals! Snapping a post-gym pic with your bae will motivate both of you and fill everyone else with a pang of jealousy that they’re not quite as cute as you two.
  4. They won't judge you: they’ve seen you at your best and they’ve seen you at your worst. Seeing you mid squat, dripping with sweat will probably make them love you even a little bit more.
  5. They’ll push you to your hardest: no one wants the best for you more than your SO. There’s no way they’re letting you skip that last set of reps, and trust us you’ll thank them for it later.
  6. They will see the hard work you’re putting in: one of the greatest things about working hard in the gym is showing off your new bod to your partner. It’s even better when they actually see you putting in that effort!
  7. No lame excuses: nope, no skipping the gym today because you CBF. They’re dragging you there and making sure you do at least a half-assed workout today.
  8. Train together, stay together: that’s the motto. Working out increases positivity and affection towards one another!
  9. Cheat meals together: working hard = cheat meals. Make your favourite thing to do together not make you feel so guilt-ridden. You’ve both been working hard, time to reap the rewards!
  10. Arguments about dinner are non-existent: no more bickering when one of you wants a salad and the other neeeeds pizza. You’re both going to be feeling healthy AF and wanting to eat chicken and broccoli for every meal!
  11. You’ll be able to try new things: trying a new exercise at the gym is possibly the most frightening thing ever. What if you do it wrong, what if you look DUMB? Your confidence to try new things will skyrocket with your beau there and, if it doesn’t work out quite right, at least you can both laugh it off!
  12. There’s strength in numbers: having a gym buddy is such a confidence booster. You’re more likely to smash out personal bests and record reps with someone there to cheer you on the whole way.
  13. You can hold each other accountable: “I'll be up in the gym just working on my fitness, he’s my witness”, Fergie has a point—your partner will keep you in check with your workouts! 
  14. Personal trainers may be cheaper: some personal trainers offer special couple deals, which means saving big bucks when it comes to those expensive training sessions.
  15. Cheaper supplements too: Protein, pre-workout, post-workout—it’s all expensive. Split the bill with ya partner and you’ll both be saving some moolah for the next date night. 
  16. You can get a bit more intimate: having your regular gym buddy spotting you during a squat is just plain awkward, your partner will be a-okay with those up close and personal spots.
  17. Memes: you can tag each other in all those hilarious gym memes clogging your timeline. Sure, it may annoy your entire Facebook friend list but at least it makes you two happy.
  18. You’re going to be so proud of them: seeing gains on yourself is one thing, but when you notice how much fitter and stronger your partner is looking, you’ll be beaming with pride over how hard they’ve been working!
  19. Your libidos will be through the roof: it’s a fact, you’re welcome.
  20. You’re spending time together: you won’t have to spend two hours apart while you workout, it’s great bonding time! There’s nothing wrong with a date night at the gym.
  21. You’ll have more appreciation for each other: seeing the person you love work so hard will definitely make you respect them so much more.
  22. Presents will be a piece of cake: New gym gear, a fresh tub of protein, latest FitBit. Eassssssy!
  23. Massages! You have your own personal massage therapist waiting on hand and foot after a tough session.
  24. You’ll both be happier, healthier, stronger, and more in love than ever. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

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