This Sunshine Coast Burger Is Made With Banana Skins And It’s Actually Delicious

By Claire Plush
29th Jul 2019

banana skin burger

It’s not every day a burger made out of banana skins comes across our desk, but when it does, we stop and give it every ounce of attention it deserves. 

Dreamt up by the team at Elixiba, the BBQ Melt Burger is made from barbecued banana peels, and it actually tastes amazing. 

Created to raise awareness around “root to stem” cooking and to encourage customers to think about their scraps (or banana peels) before throwing them out, this mammoth burger is the first of its kind in Australia. 

So, how is it made? Organic banana peels are carefully cleaned and scraped out, before being fried off with onion and Elixiba’s tantalising housemade BBQ sauce. It’s then loaded on a fresh bun and topped with grilled mushrooms, sunflower fetta, chipotle sauce and cucumber pickles. Plus, you’ll get a side of those irresistibly seasoned chips that this vegan restaurant is renowned for. 

Available now at Elixiba in Maroochydore, this good for you and good for the environment burger is already becoming a fast crowd favourite.  

Image credit: Elixiba

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