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Here’s Your First Look At Bondi Sands New Body Range

By Marilynn McLachlan
14th Feb 2019

Here’s Your First Look At Bondi Sands New Body Range

Known for keeping people bronzed to perfection, Bondi Sands is a tanning staple in most bathroom cupboards. Looking to expand the brand's product range, they have just announced they are expanding beyond self-tan to include body care products.

The new Body range includes four products to keep skin looking healthy and hydrated. It includes a moisturiser, body wash, hand wash and body scrub.


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Bondi Sands Body products are enriched with Vitamin E and jojoba to hydrate and smooth the skin—and to protect that tan. Everyone, however, knows the secret to a great looking tan is in the preparation.

Thankfully, Bondi Sands have thought of that too and are releasing a coconut and sea salt body scrub. Containing (literally) Australian sand, sea salt, coconut husk and walnut shell, it will gently buff away dull, dead skin cells and impurities. And, because it’s oil-free, it’s perfect to prep the skin before self-tanning.

In keeping with their ethos of affordable beauty, the new line will sell from between $16 - $24, so it won’t break the bank. Given our obsession with their Liquid Gold mousse, we can’t wait to try this new range.

Available from mid-April, it will be sold at Farmers, Unichem & Life Pharmacies in New Zealand, and Priceline and Bondi Sands in Australia.

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