Where To Find The Best Adult Dance Classes On The Sunshine Coast

By Trixie Hillen
19th Sep 2017

adult dance classes

They say that confidence is the sexiest accessory there is. Which is good and all, but if that confidence isn’t grounded in some kind or reality, it can be, well… not pretty.

Faking it on the dance floor when you don’t actually have the skills to back it up can do lifelong damage to your rep. Even those of us with the best moves can probably benefit from a bit of a refresher, so we’ve lined up the best adult dance classes on the Sunshine Coast to shake your booty. 

House Of Sole 


If you want to learn from the best, head to House Of Sole to nail those hip hop skills. Taneikah is an internationally recognised choreographer and trains professional hip hop crews for TV and live performances so she knows her shiz. Her adult dances classes on the Sunshine Coast cater to absolute beginners (because everyone’s gotta start somewhere, right?) but if you want to get really inspired, hang around and watch the kids perform. And because we’re all busy, and unexpected things come up when you’re a grown-up with responsibilities (apparently), House of Sole offers a pay as you go option on classes, so you’re not locked in. 

No Lights No Lycra

Mountain Creek

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a dance class but we guarantee you will DEFINITELY dance yo’ ass off. No Lights No Lycra is an international phenomenon where you chuck on your comfiest gear, forget about hair and makeup and reflections, turns the lights down super-low and just freaking dance. Get wild without your inhibitions holding you back, pull out your cheesiest 80s dance moves and release all the stress from your week. 

Dance Fitness Sunshine Coast


Sore, aching muscles the morning after a massive night on the dance floor is a painful reminder that dancing is seriously hard work. So turn that to your advantage and work on your booty at Dance Fitness, while you work your booty  #ifyouknowwhatImean Get fit and strengthen your core while you pick up some super sexy moves in the Burlesque class, pop and lock in the hip hop class, or channel your inner Kris Kardashian with a Zumba class. 

Pole Gym Sunshine Coast


Pole dancing doesn’t really have the stripper-y reputation anymore.  Let’s be real, pole dancing classes are practically mandatory for a hen’s night nowadays and we’ve all got that friend who got a pole installed in her bedroom and told her kids it’s so she can practice to be a fireman (or is that just our friends?) At the Pole Gym you can sign up for a fun intro session with your mates, learn a full-on choreographed routine or you can commit to it, and work your way up to aerial inverts, Russian splits or a superman combo! If you’re not sure this is for you (errrr, how can you not be sure?!) book a trial class for only $15. 

Dance Obsession


If you want to sign up for the real deal—we’re talking ballroom, swing dancing, Latin and foxtrot—Dance Obsession is the spot. There’s guaranteed to be a few silver foxes here, and the old-school dance style seems to bring out that old-fashioned gentlemanly charm (hint: doors will be opened for you, and you may or may not get called “miss”). Sharon and Dale cater for absolute beginners and best of all, you don’t need to bring a partner!

Barre Yoga

Mudjimba & Maroochydore

We all recognise that amazing shape of a ballerina’s body—the long, lean muscles and crazy core strength. Well, if you’re after that kind of strength, combined with a bit of inner peace, head to Barre Yoga with Jodi. A combo of yoga, meditation and ballet barre, you’ll pick up great skills in balance, grace and some classic ballet moves that you can definitively work on the dance floor. Jodi offers some great deals for new clients so sign up online for the unlimited access intro offer!

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Image credit: Daniel Lidmila Photography for Groove Therapy 

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