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Flex Your Creativity With 5 Of The Sunshine Coast’s Best Art Classes

By Sophie Oddo
15th Jul 2019

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This month we’re shining a big spotlight on the wonderful world of art. From local exhibitions and galleries to the local artists you need to know about, we’ve got you covered. 

And what better way better way to keep the ball rolling than with the Sunshine Coast’s best art classes? It’s time to get your Picasso on!

Art & Imagination School

Founded by the belief that all human beings are intrinsically creative and that releasing your inner-creativity is what helps us all to feel most alive, Art & Imagination School have a unique approach when it comes to teaching art. Providing an organic and individual art curriculum, classes are catered to each student and are guided on basic drawing skills, ensuring a strong foundation before electing a specific direction. Each class follows a weekly focus such as watercolour, oil painting, portrait, still life, impressionism or realism, ensuring students can develop a wide suite of skills and then navigate where their passions lie within the wide world that is art. 

Pottery Workshops At Syndicate Creative

Located in Maroochydore, Syndicate Creative hosts a wide range of workshops and courses to get those creative juices flowing. With 10-week intensive pottery courses, students will go through a range of hand-building pottery and glazing techniques, learn a thing or two about this history of ceramics and even get their hands dirty on the wheel. 

Paint & Sip Class At The Art Hub

Cultivate your inner artist at a Paint & Sip class at The Art Hub, located in Caloundra. With a more social approach to art, Paint & Sip classes are perfect for those looking for a relaxed class, with more focus placed on the process, rather than the end result. With a wide range of classes available on Friday and Saturday nights, you can expect a fun evening getting messy and painting anything from Gerald the Giraffe, Native Blossoms, the Eiffel Tower or even Cacti, all while sipping on a glass of wine—perfection.

Pottery Classes At Butter Factory Arts Centre

The Butter Factory Arts Centre is home to a fully-equipped pottery studio which offers workshops suited for both beginners and advanced level students, providing lessons on handwork, wheel-working and even self-directed projects. The choice is yours with Clay & Canape evenings to guide you through a range of decorative techniques, or if you’re interested in the art of Wheel Throwing, make sure to book in for Thursdays After Dark and work your way through introductory skills to create your own vessel. 

Paint Pour At ArtEscape

For those that prefer to paint more abstractly without the confinements of lines, a Paint Pour class at ArtEscape could be the ideal option. Great for beginners, you’ll spend 60 fun-filled minutes layering and pouring fluid paints directly onto a canvas using a variety of techniques. Canvas prices start at $60 for a small, which will be totally worth it when you can take it home to hang. ArtEscape also offers an awesome Disability Program with a strong focus on socialising, giving everyone in the community an opportunity to express themselves.

Image credit: Grace Elizabeth Photography

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