Oyster Hunting | Where To Find The Best On The Coast

By Claire Plush
3rd Feb 2016

Fact: the irresistible combination of summer and oysters can’t be beat, only improved with a glass of crisp white.

Whether you’re an au naturel oyster gulper, or you prefer them semi-cooked Kilpatrick-style, this food of the sea has as many lovers and haters as Britney. But that’s where the similarities end.

For the peeps who find oysters the greatest gift to tastebuds, we’ve taken the work out of the hunt, with our guide to the best oysters on the Sunshine Coast.

From top to bottom, eat ‘em out or take ‘em home.

Bistro C

The setting, that view, those cocktails that found their way to your table—there’s a whole lot to love about Bistro C. Start off your beachfront dining experience sharing a dozen Pacific Oysters coated with black vinegar, sesame, crisp shallots, tobiko, and scallions, and you’ll see why this is one of the best restaurants in Noosa.

Where: 49 Hastings Street, Noosa

Contact: 07 5447 2855

The Boat Shed

Your Cotton Tree oyster hunt will come to a fine end with The Boat Shed’s epic Coffin Bay oyster selection. Find a willing participant to step up your tasting game with, and order half a dozen of the Stone & Wood beer-battered oysters with smoky jalapeno and bacon, and another half dozen of the oysters dressed in shallots and candied orange. Delish!

Where: The Esplanade, Cotton Tree

Contact: 07 5443 3808

Terrace of Maleny

Well, well, well, who would have thought it? A top-of-the-line seafood restaurant nestled in the hinterland. Don’t let its distance from the ocean turn you off, Terrace of Maleny is serving up some of the best oysters on the Sunshine Coast. We’re all about the Fresh Pacific Oysters Sample Plate featuring two natural oysters, two oysters Kilpatrick, two herb-crusted oysters, and two oyster shooters. Oyster heaven is a place.

Where: Corner of Landsborough-Maleny Road and Mountain View Road, Maleny

Contact: 07 54943 700

Fish On Parkyn

Everybody knows Fish On Parkyn is the ultimate dine-in seafood joint at the spit. But holy wow, have you heard what they do with their Coffin Bay oysters? Starts with parmesan-crumbed, ends with goat curd and pumpkin jam. Nuff’ said.

Where: 25 Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba

Contact: 07 5444 4711

Soul Fish

There’s a couple of ways you can land yourself some oysters off these fishermen, in time for your Sunday seafood smorgasbord at home. Swing by the Soul Fish warehouse in the industrial estate at Coolum Beach or head to their stall at Noosa Farmers’ Market or Kawana Farmers’ Market. Easy as!

Where: 10/25 Quandra Road, Coolum Beach

Fisheries On The Spit

Not just your average fish and chip shop, Fisheries on the Spit is also home to an Oyster Bar. Packed with Sydney Rock or Pacific Oysters, you’ll get to choose between Kilpatrick and Mornay. Perfect to take across the road for a Sunday arvo feast at the beach or to take home when cooking is the last thing you feel like doing.

Where: 21 Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba

Contact: 07 5444 1165

Suncoast Oyster and Seafood Service

This seafood joint is the giant of oyster keepers. Hit up Suncoast Oyster and Seafood Service for your shellfish cravings, and you’ll be choosing between Tassie, Coffin Bay, and Sydney Rock oysters. Hello variety! With some of the best oysters on the Sunshine Coast, it’s only fair that you go shucked or go home (kidding).

Where: 3/42 Technology Drive, Warana

Contact: 07 5493 2942

Point Cartwright Seafood Market

We’re not ones for tooting horns but when Point Cartwright Seafood Market says they stock the largest range of live seafood on the Coast, they mean it. And lucky for oyster-lovers, their beloved friends the Coffin Bay oysters, are kept live in their tanks waiting for you to whisk them away on a forever kind of holiday. Too far?

Where: 245 Nicklin Way, Warana

Contact: 07 5437 8923

Did we miss your fave among our list of where to find the best oysters on the Sunshine Coast? Let us know!

Image Credit: Louise Coghill

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