9 Awesome Sunshine Coast Workouts You Really Should Try

By Laura Braulins
14th Oct 2019

sunshine coast workouts

When it comes to getting fit on the Sunshine Coast, locals are lucky, because not only do we have plenty of spaces to exercise outdoors, there's also plenty of indoor options for when the weather turns bad. Whether it's jumping on a bike for a spin class, paddling down the river on a SUP or finding your Zen, the Coast has it all. 

Here's our round up of the best workouts on the Sunshine Coast right now. Get your playlist ready and make your way down this list.

Cardio Flow At Noosa Flow


Leap into your healthiest self with Noosa Flow’s cardio flow, a class designed to raise your heart rate through short bursts on the jump board paired with a bunch of Pilates reformer movements that’ll transform flab into abs, pronto. Taking the standard reformer class up a notch, you’ll leave with a little extra bounce in your step as you wander along Noosa River feeling high, fly and super energised. This one’s a real buzz for your positive frame of mind and is easily one of the best workouts on the Sunshine Coast.

Water Cycle At Water Resist

Buderim, Caloundra, Maroochydore and Noosa

You enjoy swimming and cycling, so why not have both. During a water cycle session at Water Resist, you’ll submerge yourself on to a stationary bike and use all the pedal power you can muster into challenging sprints, arm and chest exercises. Due to its aquatic nature, water cycling is low impact on your joints, meaning maximum benefits for minimum pain. 

Boxfit At Caloundra City Boxing


If you’ve had your fair share of pool-floating this summer, now it’s time to channel your inner butterfly by floating right into a boxfit class at Caloundra City Boxing. These guys will have you pounding through 90 minutes of jabs, sprints, burpees and squats throughout one of the best workouts on the Sunshine Coast. It’ll be torture, but we all know that’s where the magic of a shredded bod happens. Suck it up; you’ll be stinging like a bee in no time.

Aerial Yoga At CircStudios


If you want to soar through your New Year goals, you must be willing to let go of everything that weighs you down, and at Circ Studios, gravity is no exception. Pop in for an aerial yoga class where poses are performed within the bounds of a suspended silk hammock. Good for spinal health, flexibility, mindfulness and relaxation, aerial yoga is an absolute winner when trying to balance your mind, body and soul.

Strongman Challenge Course At The Farm


If you’ve ever thought mid-Survivor that you could complete the obstacles better than the contestants, the Strongman Challenge course at The Farm in Nambour is for you. The challenging sessions are hosted by Luke, a former set builder for Survivor, so you already know you’re going to be pushed through the paces of a gruelling obstacle course. Together with your team of fitspos, prepare to move heavyweight tyres, carry logs and pull tractors in a farm setting. But, don’t be fooled, there’s nothing tranquil about The Farm workouts—they’re totally going to make you sweat.

F45 Training

Various locations

Fitness club royalty, F45 has been a player on the scene for some time with its High Intensity Interval Training. For the rare few unfamiliar with the powerhouse brand, it’s the place to go for no-fuss 45-minute workouts that suit every level of fitness. The week’s classes are split amongst cardio and resistance with an epic Hollywood session on a Saturday that combines both styles. If you’re the type of person who’s best motivated when surrounded by like-minded folk, the F45 ‘team training, life changing’ mantra proves this is the ideal energy outlet for you.

Daily SUP At Noosa Stand Up Paddle


When it comes to sunny days on the Sunshine Coast, Mother Nature is consistently generous, so why not nail your fitness goals outdoors with a weekly SUP with Noosa Stand Up Paddle? Allow yourself half an hour to learn the basics before setting your sights beyond the flat-water into the waves of Noosa Heads and beyond. Time it right and you may just score a golden tan to complement those newly formed abs. 

Beat-Based Cycling Class At Barre & Bike


Forget everything you thought you knew about spin, this super slick cycle class is one of the best workouts on the Sunshine Coast. The first of its kind in the region, Barre & Bike’s beat-based cycling class is, put simply, a dance party on a bike. With music blaring, lights turned low and a total disco vibe, you’ll be pedalling to the beat while doing your best to keep up with the upper body choreography. It’s a full body burn, but one you’ll get addicted to pretty quickly. 

Surfers Yoga At Downward Dog Hot Yoga


Like the name suggests, this yoga class at Downward Dog Hot Yoga in Tewantin is perfect for salty seadogs who have tight shoulders, achy legs and overworked back muscles. Held for one hour in a heated room, you’ll focus on balance postures, and building strength and flexibility though Vinyasa-style sequences. Don’t forget water and a towel, because you’ll be a sweaty mess after this workout. 

Image credit: Lumea Photo for Urban List

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