Grab Your Reusable Cups, The Legends At Cafe Vie Just Released A Vegan Friendly Coffee Blend

By Ioana Dragnef
1st Sep 2020

A close-up of Cafe Vie's new coffee blend.

Probably sitting at the top of the Sunshine Coast’s list of ‘People Who Never Sleep’ are the legends at Cafe Vie, ‘cause they’ve gone and done it again.

After the release of their vegan poached egg, the team is back with another vegan delight and we’re super excited that it involves coffee.

A first for Australia (but long overdue), the Cafe Vie peeps have teamed up with Brisbane-based Bear Bones Coffee to create a beautifully smooth organic coffee blend that is purposely made for plant-based milks. Long gone are the days of curdling, sour notes and inconsistent coffee—this baby is here to cater to all your soy-based and nut-based and oat-based milky delicacies.

"The plant-based milk market is large and growing,” said the team, “not only for the vegan and plant-based market, but also for people with allergies, which is something we are seeing more and more of.” 

Using local graphic designer Todd Fox at Skulk Art & Design, the packaging reflects the brand perfectly and further serves to show off how amazing the local talent is here on the Sunshine Coast.

The only cruelty involved with this pairing would be to not have time for a second coffee; so head to Cafe Vie and get your hands on this, stat. 

The Details

What: Cafe Vie Plant-Based Milk Coffee Blend
Where: Cafe Vie, 2 Main St, Buderim 
For more info,
click here.

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Image credit: Supplied

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