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BREAKING: Netflix Has Released The First Images For House Of Cards Season 6 And We’re Thirsty

By Jessica Pridmore
28th Aug 2018


Considering all of the tea that was spilt in the press surrounding allegations against Kevin Spacey late last year, was there any wonder Netflix gave serious thought to axing the Emmy-winning show, House of Cards?

Without Spacey in the lead character role how would, nay, how could the show continue? Could there even be an Underwood White House without its lead antagonist?

As it turns out, yes there can. And there will.

Netflix has already confirmed that season six of House Of Cards will go ahead without Spacey, with Robin Wright reprising her role as the formidable Claire Underwood. (Perfect casting, much?)

And now, with newly released images from the set, we’ll all get to see Claire Underwood in the role she was born to play since the beginning; POTUS.

Another bit of spice for you, guys; a few new (but familiar) faces will be joining the remaining cast for S6—Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear. Watch this space for how their relationship with Underwoods unfolds, no doubt it’ll be…complicated.

House of Cards Season 6 is set for release this November 4. And we can’t bloody wait!

The era of Claire Underwood now. She is our spirit animal; long may she reign.


Image credit: Netflix

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