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There's A New Mexican Joint In Noosa & It's Epic!

By Claire Plush
10th Feb 2017

Big, BIG news guys. Are you sitting? You might wanna sit.

Basically, if there were a Richter scale that measured our waves of excitement, we’d put money on us having blown it to pieces with our through-the-roof levels over the Coast’s newest restaurant opening.

We’d love to keep this to ourselves because that would mean we’d be eating all of the tacos, but if you knew that we knew and we didn’t tell you… well, riots aren’t something we’re keen to start up here.

But enough of the gibberish because, Noosa just got a new Mexican restaurant and it’s freaking amazing! Yep, you read that right—Cholo has just opened its doors in Noosa Junction, so we did what any human with a stomach would do, and went and tried that shiz out. And er mah lawd…

We went, we devoured, and then we had dreams of juicy corn cobs, dancing tacos, and Palomas wandering down the street. Honestly? We did it all bar the dreams, although we’re still pinning our hopes that tonight’s the night. Because, imagine.

Anyhoo, even though part of what we just said was a total lie, we really DID go to Cholo and try it out for real, and what we saw and tasted made us very, VERY happy.

Tucked away in quite possibly the best nook in Noosa, Cholo sits where the old Village Bicycle used to. But before you get all loyal and do the whole “it won’t be as good as the boys had it”, you’ll be super excited to know that it’s run by the same crew.

Luke and Trevor, the guys behind Village Bicycle, couldn’t fathom giving up the old Village Bicycle space when they moved it to its new posi around the corner. So, they did what any sane people would do, they held onto it and turned it into a Mexican joint. And now, my friends, we are the ones who get to reap the rewards AKA the food and booze. Hola!

Given a bright and white face-lift, you’ll find crosses, lightboxes with cactus pics hanging on the wall, a mammoth “Cholo” artwork by Mitch of White Tiger Tattoo, and a cactus garden we totally wanna replicate at home.

The vibes are still the same, but the food, the food is where it’s at. We feasted on a Mexi smorgasboard of chilli cheese fries, grilled corn (easily the best corn we’ve had in our lives, seriously), and a mixed basket of prawn, veg and pulled pork tacos. Any use of the love heart-eye emoji though is reserved for the torta, a toasted panini-like sandwich loaded with achiote roasted pork, pickled onion, queso fresco, slaw and a divine jalapeno lime mayo for the dipping. And dip we did!

All this eating needed some drinking, so we sipped on Mexican beers, and then cocktails: Palomas and Chilatas. They looked good, but they tasted even better.

Let’s get to the gist of it though, because while making you drool is fun, we’d rather you just try it for yourself. Open from 4pm to 10pm, Wednesdays to Sundays, the best bit (other than the total awesomeness of Cholo) is that if you’re still hanging around at closing time, you can stroll a few minutes down the road to the new Village Bicycle and party on.

Mexican. It’s a toughie. Not many can do it well, and those that do, should be praised accordingly. So, on that note—Cholo, we just wanna praise you! And while we’re at it, a massive congrats to the boys on another epic opening that’s bound to become a neighbourhood fave.

Where: Corner of Noosa Parade & Bottle Brush Avenue, Noosa

Have you checked out the dudes’ other venture? Say hello to the new Village Bicycle

Image Credit: Claire Plush for Metropolist

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