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12 Non-Lame Ways To Ring In The New Year On The Sunshine Coast

By Mikaela Burnett - 15 Dec 2017

new year's eve sunshine coast

New Year’s Eve (or NYE for people who are short on time) has snuck up on us once again! We don’t know how it does it but one day you’re crying about Backstreet Boys breaking up and the next thing you know you’ve got a mortgage, two cats, there’s an orange guy running America and you can choose a boyfriend from an extensive online catalogue of guys whilst doing a wee. Time is weird, man! 

But, just as NYE continues to come around every year, so does the same old problem of finding something not-so-lame to do to celebrate what’s going to be the best year of your life (new year, new me etc…). 

Luckily for you, we’ve had our noses to the ground and our butts in the air, sniffing out the best ways to NOT end up drunk and on your own, having deep conversations with your next door neighbours garden gnome. Okay fine, we absolutely can’t guarantee that won’t happen BUT we can at least get you as far away from your neighbours front yard as possible with the best new year’s eve celebrations on the Sunshine Coast.

M.V. Catalina Noosa

‘It’s the Catalina Wine Mixer!’ we all yell as we wave our cocktails in the air while running around the infamous M.V. Catalina Noosa. It doesn’t get better than cruising along Noosa River as the sun goes down! Especially when you’re decked out in your white linen (nothing says ‘I’m superior and on a boat’ like white linen), sippin’ on a glass of champagne, devouring a four-course menu and getting as many Insta photos as humanly possible. It’s a fun, classy way to start a night that will probably end with you explaining to a bouncer at The Rock that you ‘always walk like that’. 

Cafe Le Monde & El Capitano

Speaking of boats, Cafe Le Monde are teaming up with El Capitano and putting on a nautical themed shindig! Which, if you ask us, sounds like a GREAT excuse to wear something comfortable and dance-able (something you’ll be doing a LOT of after all the  frosé (frozen rosé)  you’ll be consuming! And don’t forget to buy your VIP tickets online so that you can spit at all the peasants who will have REGULAR people tickets, ugh.

Locale Noosa

The guys at Locale will be celebrating from lunchtime all the way into the night! What party animals! And they’ll be doing it Italiano-style, which is one of our favourite styles because it includes garlic bread. Plus, there’s live music! But mostly there’s garlic bread. 

Embassy XO

If you’re after more of a sit-down dinner minus all the dancing and the sailing and the sailing-themed partying, then book a table at Embassy XO! They have special NYE banquet specials, complete with a glass of champagne! 

Miss Moneypenny’s

If the title ‘Glitterball’ doesn’t make you want to crumb yourself in glitter and become a walking, talking disco ball then you might want to close your (boring) ears/eyes. Because Miss Moneypenny’s is hosting the NYE party every ‘extra’ personality dreams of. Queen, this party is for you. Keep shining like the diamond you are. And be sure not to miss out on a ticket to this SPARKLY event.


If you want to watch the Mooloolaba fireworks BUT you also want to be fine-dined with a cocktail in your hand, then make sure you book your table at Gainsbourg sooner rather than later! Not only is it in a prime fireworks-watching position it also has some of the most delicious food in Mooloolaba AND the most delicious/lovely/fun staff. (Delicious staff are not for eating.)

Lot 104

Lot 104 is another EXCELLENT fireworks-watching spot! But do you know what’s even better than fireworks? A salsa dance party is what. And there’s no better night than NYE to start salsa dancing, because there will be no shortage of liquid courage! In fact, it will be cursing through your veins (and your liver etc…) 

The Helm

If you’re under 22 and can back it up four nights in a row (we have a hangover just thinking about it) then we have your NYE week sorted! You can squeeze every last drop out of 2018 at The Helm. Make sure no DJ is left un-danced to, no Jagerbomb is left un-drunk and no selfie is left un-taken! 

La Canteena & Old Soul

Welcome To The Jungle is the theme of the night at La Canteena and Old Soul's NYE celebration, and not to mention the dress code! (Actually it’s ‘Jungle Luxe’ whatever that means). What an adventure! Mexican food meets jungle theme! Plus, we all know that Old Soul knows how to have a good time! So start hunting down that safari suit or piece of twine complete with four leaves to cover your lady/man bits. 

The Piano Bar

If wearing some form of animals ears and ‘waiting for the drop’ isn’t really your scene, then look no further than a few doors up at The Piano Bar. They’re stepping back in time to the 1920s for their NYE soirée! Great Gatsby is the theme of the night and live jazz will be the backing track. We’re not sure, but it will probably be like the movie. And again, we can’t be sure BUT we can only assume Leonardo DiCaprio will have to be hiding in there somewhere.  


Orleans have you sorted for delicious food and drinks! It’s the perfect place to fill your belly with something that can help soak up some of the alcohol later when you’re doing the worm on the floor of Old Soul.  

The Pocket

Caloundra may not be ‘where the party at’, but we’re sure there are at least five adults without children who might be looking for something that isn’t fireworks and a picnic at 6pm. Thankfully our friends at The Pocket have decided to open their doors for the night! They’ll have dinner, drinks, live music and fun vibes going all night! Plus, you can sneak across to the beach once the clock strikes midnight and celebrate the new year with a skinny dip (you didn’t hear that suggestion from us). 

Still not sold that a night out at the best new year's eve celebrations on the Sunshine Coast is for you? There's always Netflix

Image credit: Nicolas Tissot

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