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There’s Now A Bar Of Soap That Instantly Removes Fake Tan

By James Shackell
20th Aug 2018


Oh fake tan, you sinister bronze sun serpent.       

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I have never fake tanned personally. But I have observed fake tans in the wild, and from what I can tell they are either a) an awful product and the scourge of our times, or b) very tricky to get right.

Well thankfully someone has invented a soap bar that almost instantly scrubs away fake tan (without scrubbing away the top three layers of skin, which I understand is a thing with the harsher exfoliates).

It’s called ModelCo Tan Remover Exfoliating Soap, a luminous pink rectangle that fights soap the way Batman fights organised crime.

You can use this soap in the shower or the bath. Just lather up and rub whatever area of your body looks incredibly orange. It’s got goat’s milk in there for moisture (and calcium), plus natural pumice stone bits for kick-ass exfoliation. Oh yeah, it also smells like coconut breeze.

The bar will set you back $10, which is a fraction of the social cost of walking around like a human Berocca tablet.

You can grab it online here

Image credit: ModelCo

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