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The Sunshine Coast Ceramic Brands You Need To Know About

By Trixie Hillen
2nd Feb 2019


Whether it’s a full dining set or a single handmade vase or platter, you'll feel like an adult adding handcrafted ceramics to your kitchen cupboards.

Made by true artisans, these Sunshine Coast ceramic brands are the perfect place to start your collection. Here are seven local ceramicists we’re loving right now. 

Married To The Sea

Married To The Sea's organic, free-form shapes are designed in Sunshine Beach, and the nearby ocean is an inspiration for many of the pieces. The stoneware and porcelain has a raw, earthy feel—even the coloured glazes and metallic copper trim look natural. Tiny jewellery dishes start at as little as $15, so you can always find something in your price range, and they’re dishwasher safe too, so you’ll actually use them. Married To The Sea ceramics can be purchased online or at Noosa Farmers Market

Liquorice Moon Studios

Liquorice Moon Studios is the most recent addition to the Sunshine Coast ceramic scene, but you’ll love them all the same. Born on a pottery wheel, cast from a handmade mould or built by hand, each piece is created by Eve Simmons. From speckled mugs and keep cups to patterned trinket dishes and golden-rimmed bowls, there’s nothing you won’t want at home. You can purchase Liquorice Moon Studios ceramics online or at Peregian Beach Markets, Cloth & Hide and Alterior Motif

Kim Wallace Ceramics

If you're chasing something with a unique stamp, we’re big fans of Kim Wallace Ceramic's Vintage Lace collection—where antique doilies are pressed into the clay to produce pieces with stunning, intricate textures. Found in the top restaurants in Noosa and across Australia,  don't be suprised if you've already had a close encounter with this ceramic brand. Kim Wallace Ceramics can be purchased online or at The Alfresco Room.

Elke Lucas Ceramics

Elke Lucas wasn’t born into pottery—she didn’t even discover it by accident. She married into it, uncovering and honing her skill with clay over many years in the North Devon countryside before relocating to Noosa. Elke collects flowers, leaves and ferns to press silhouettes into dishes and plates, then hand-colours them to reflect the seasons. This simple, natural stoneware is contrasted by plates and platters that are highlighted with metallic edges and flecks of real gold. But despite their high-maintenance look, all the pieces in Elke’s collections are designed to be used and will survive regular use. Elke Lucas Ceramics can be purchased online or at Lamington and The Alfresco Room.

Pan Pottery

Angus McDiarmid of Pan Pottery doesn’t mess about when it comes to sourcing his materials. He actually digs his own clay around Noosa, and processes the raw clay by hand, producing his own glazes and materials. This means that all the finished products are unique, with characteristics from each firing differing slightly. Angus’s speciality is fermentation crockpots—perfect for making kimchi or sauerkraut. The clay pots provide the ideal environment for fermentation and are used all around the world in different cultures. Pan Pottery can be purchased online or at Belmondos Organic Market

Renton Bishopric Ceramics

Growing up in a family of potters, it was somewhat inevitable that Renton Bishopric would make a living from ceramics. He has turned his craft into artistic exhibitions and a range of reusable handmade ‘Planet Cups’ for coffee lovers who want to cut down on waste. If you think you’d like to turn your hand to some pottery, Renton and his partner Clare Botfield run workshops from their studio in Coolum. 

Mel Lumb Ceramics

If you’re after unique, individual pieces, check out Mel Lumb’s designs. She creates items for function as well as for fabulousness, and ensures that every piece is earthy and reflects the surroundings of the Sunshine Coast. From quirky little condiment dishes to dinner plates and vases, everything has its own personality and character. Mel Lumb Ceramics can be purchased online or at The Alfresco Room.

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Image credit: Kim Wallace Ceramics

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