This Sunshine Coast Vegan Cafe Is Making Mega Mushroom Smoothies

By Caity Stone
3rd Feb 2018


Just when you thought you’d heard it all, you suddenly realise maybe you hadn’t. That’s right guys, behold the Chaga Chai.

And what’s the active ingredient in this new super smoothie, you might ask? It’s medicinal mushrooms, of course!

The team at Elixiba, a plant-based fave here on the Coast, decided that in 2018 things needed to be mixed up slightly so they created something that’s seemingly never been done before on the Coast. 

The Chaga Chai is a vegan and gluten free powerhouse with over a dozen herbs and spices that promote vitality (such as turmeric and damiana), as well as a healthy dose of Chaga mushrooms. 

Chaga mushrooms are non-hallucinogenic and are renowned for their health benefits including their high antioxidant content and immune strengthening properties. This smoothie might sound like a weird mushroom soup, but this is cold, sweet and creamy just like a mylkshake. Want one yet?! 

Elixiba is a revolutionary dining experience for vegans. You might remember these guys as being ‘Home of the Hemp Burger’. Their mission was to create a space on the Coast for plant-based foodies to come and still enjoy a delightful dining experience. All their food is gluten free and their ingredients locally sourced. 

The only question left is, will you dare try a Chaga Chai? 

The Details 

What: Chaga Chai Mushroom Smoothie
Where: Elixibar, 3/11-13 Ocean St, Maroochydore
When: Beginning Friday 2 February
Cost: $12 for a big, frosty glass

Image credit: Elixibar 

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